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My last baby turned 4 on Sunday! I wasn’t as emotional as I really expected to be but I did have a few thoughts as I went throughout the weekend. When you’re four your biggest concerns are what yummy food you get to eat, when do you get to use the iPad again, when is it time to go to the park, why do I have to take a shower vs. taking a bath, can I wear my shorts again for the 4th day in a row and how many flowers can I pick from my neighbors garden for my mum without getting in trouble.  Such simplicity of life and not much care in the world.  I thought to myself what I would give to do things all over again and to have more of a child-like spirit.  Living more in the moment, caring about what matters most and loving unconditionally as a child only knows how to do.  Although, it is never too late to start something.  So currently that is what I am working on.  Living in the now, caring about what actually matters and loving hard even if I feel like am not loved back.  Adult life isn’t as simple, but at the same time it can be.  Thank you to my sweet son for teaching me more about life and being such a beautiful soul.  Happy birthday my boy.  You are a world changer.

fourth-birthday- Judah Ridley
fourth-birthday- smile
fourth-birthday- Ruthie Ridley

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    This sounds like my 4 year old grandson. I enjoy every moment being with him.

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    Your boy is so sweet xoxo I can’t wait to have children when I’m older. I love your posts on family xoxo Reminds me of my childhood and how my mother was and still is with me xoxo

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    Your boy is precious! My youngest will turn 4 in May, and I’d like to still hold on to saying he’s 3 forever. Their sweetness, innocence and spirit is what keeps us young at heart. Seeing the world through their eyes is a reminder to sometimes step back and enjoy the little things. Happy birthday to your sweet little boy! ~Anna

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    Nicole C L

    So beautifully written! And your little man is handsome. He’s so lucky to have such a loving mother.

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    Happy Birthday again to your sweet and ADORABLE son!! I always love your posts Ruthie!! Xo, Roselyn

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    Happy Birthday to your beautiful little boy. It sucks when they start growing up. I hope he had a great birthday. Xoxo

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    Happy birthday little one! It must bring you so much joy to watch your children grow up. I wish you and your family the best. God bless <3

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    Kait Elizabeth

    He is just so sweet!!! Hugs, Kait

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    Lauren of An Explorer’s Heart

    He’s adorable – such a sweet post!

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    Kelly @theinspiredparent

    Awww…happy 4th birthday to your little guy! It goes by soooo fast, doesn’t it!?!?

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