Dare To Dream Series Featuring Angelle Marix

Dare to dream: My worth, my wholeness, my completion is not found in relationships, in my ability to make people laugh, in a title, in my talents, in my magical marriage..It is found in the deep, wide, high, long LOVE OF THE FATHER!!”
Hey y’all!!! I’m Angelle, a life and style blogger from South Louisiana. May 9th marks 20 years of being married to my best friend, my boo. We have been blessed with four beautiful children. God has been extra kind to our little family.
So, I want to share a little of my story because it’s something to shout about to the world. I love to be inspired and be encouraged in my walk with the Lord. And, I want to do just that for other women. Here it goes:
I’m the baby of five. And, as a child, I was always so shy and very sensitive. From an early age, fear had a grip on me and held me captive from talking or expressing emotions whether they were good or bad emotions. I was scared to say what I liked or disliked, what hurt my feelings or what made me happy. I hid the real me from everyone. I was scared of the response, scared of their opinion of me.  I was scared that they would only confirm the LACK that I believed about myself. So, I kept hiding and wearing a mask day after day. It was so exhausting. But, I really believed that getting close to people would just expose the crack in my fragile identity!!!
I N S E C U R I T Y 
defined as anxiety you experience when you feel LACK {not enough, something is missing}
When you only see your LACK, your choices will lack wisdom, and the person who suffers the most is you.
From childhood to teenage years to adult life, I noticed that I would cling to people around me for safety and approval.
And, in my mind, I’m questioning:
“what do they really think about me”
 “Do I have a likable personality?? Do I offer others what they need??”
This may sound crazy to some people, but this was a REAL battle that I warred with daily. And, of course, I would get stung by others over and over. And, in those disappointments, I became more distant, more withdrawn, more sensitive, more paranoid, more fearful.
Dare to dream: My worth, my wholeness, my completion is not found in relationships, in my ability to make people laugh, in a title, in my talents, in my magical marriage..It is found in the deep, wide, high, long LOVE OF THE FATHER!!”
Proverbs 23:7 “For as a person thinks in his heart, so is he.”
Think negative, toxic thoughts, you will become sick and your soul will go stagnate and wither; think on God’s truth, you’ll become like Him!
Proverbs 19:22 “what a man desires is UNFAILING LOVE” 
Even though I was raised in a Christian home and was a preacher’s kid, I still had to come to the point of knowing that GOD and not man is my remedy. He is my solution and the medicine for my sick soul.
In my exhaustion, I cried out to God for help, and y’all, the lies began to be exposed. I didn’t have to perform, produce, compete to get a little tap or a little applause. God’s truth was setting me free, y’all!!!
I wrote this over 10 years ago, and this revelation is still a beautiful truth that brings tears to my eyes:
“My worth, my wholeness, my completion is not found in relationships, in my ability to make people laugh, in a title, in my talents, in my magical marriage, in my parenting skills, in my ability to be the best, in my fashion, in my ability to fix my hair a certain way, in what type of fancy things I am able to purchase. It is found in the deep, wide, high, long LOVE OF THE FATHER!!”
Where His authentic love is fear has no place!!! I am LOVED {so deeply, so purely}. In my right choices and in my wrong choices, His love for me NEVER wavers. It’s a regardless type of love!! He doesn’t sit their looking at you and I with disappointment. He’s cheering us on and trying to get us to see what He sees!! Yessss!!! I love HIM!!! He’s so good.
I could go on and on when sharing my story of freedom. But, I want to leave you with this: “my true identity is simply Angelle: loved by Him and uniquely created to accomplish His dream!!!”
Y’all, His LOVE compels me to shout from the rooftops that everything is meaningless compared to His marvelous, unfailing LOVE!! It’s real, and it’s life-changing!!!! Listen to what He says about you and BE YOU!!!! The world needs your own brand of beautiful.
I’m so honored to be able to share my story with you. Love y’all!!!
I am so so happy to have Angelle wrap up this series!! We have been blogger besties from the beginning!! I love her heart and everything that she carries!! In regards to what she said, it truly takes discovering who you are, overcoming fears and anxieties, realizing what matters the most to be able to live out your dreams.  To be able to Dare To Dream, is a process, but it is WORTH it!! If you missed the rest of the Dare To Dream series, you can catch it here, here and here.  Thank you all for following along!! This series has been really encouraging for me and many others! Have an amazing week everyone!

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    McKenna Trahan

    I love both of you gorgeous ladies!! Great reminders Angelle!

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    It’s so nice to read about people who start believing in themselves and that is the moment when their life changes. Negative thoughts are there but it’s important to recognize them and chase them away

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    Emily Wilkinson

    Such great reminders!!

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    Annette Dattilo

    Such a beautiful story and testimony. So many people struggle with fear and trying to please everyone. God is a good god. thank you for sharing.

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    Tara pittman

    It is amazing when God is in control. Love this inspiration.

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    Gladys parker

    I agree 100% that everything she said is true when you have the Lord with you, however, I fall so short in the faith department. I’ll continue to pray for peace and love.

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    I wonder if some of that is a result of being the baby in the family. i see it with my own children. my youngest is more mindful but more afraid to speak his mind because he has an older brother who corrects him all the time. I’m always trying to stop that. I don’t know if that was your experience but its something i’m noticing with my six year old.

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    Andy Atsugah

    Your story is very impressive and the way you struggled. I must appreciate it. and lord is always there for us, he never leaves us alone.

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    Lauryn Hock

    This is so beautiful and I love the message! Thank you for sharing.

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    This is such a sweet post! Love learning more about other amazing ladies!


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    Laura Leigh

    Oh you know i love her! such a great, sweet post. Seriously, Ruthie, i couldn’t love this series more.

    xo Laura Leigh

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    Tanvi Rastogi

    That’s a great post … Glad to learn about Inspiring ladies and their stories.

    ❥ tanvii.com

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    Sarah Bailey

    What an absolutely lovely post – great to get to know Angelle so thank you for featuring her :).

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    This is positive and empowering, what a great message!

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    Such a beautiful story and testimony. THIS IS very impressive and the way you struggled.

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    I think when you find something that resonates with you, be that religion or any form of spirituality, then you are in a very powerful place. Often it takes a long, long time to find that special ‘something’.

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    This is inspiring! Fighting insecurity is the same as fighting anxieties, i remembered this struggle back when I was in my high school days. finding god maDe me find my self complete… ♥♥♥

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    Drake Conan

    This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look..Such a beautiful story. youa re truly an inspiration.

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    Carrie | Clean Eating Kitchen

    Congratulations on your anniversary! You have a lot to be grateful for 🙂

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    Cindy Gordon

    You look so cute in this! I love the long flowing over coats.

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    Such a beautiful message from Angelle! So inspiring.

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    What a great series and i loved this guest post!

    xo, Kristina

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    Wendy Polisi

    I can’t get over that coat! I love how flowy it is.

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    Marissa Zurfluh

    This is such a great look. It is very modern and trendy!

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    Love this and i love her so much. she is the sweetest. i love her style too and following along with her family !

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    Hannah Marie

    This has been such a fun series to follow along with! I absolutely love faith based readings, they are the best!

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    i was shy as a child, too! your advice to be yourself is so true.

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    Mommy Rockin’ In Style

    She looks stunning and she is so inspiring. Glad you share her stories with us.

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    I love this! For the longest tie I didnt BELIEVE en myself and lived my life the way others wanted me to. When I changed that, life got better.

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    Such a BEAUTIFUL post. I loved this so much.

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    corinne & kirsty

    Such a beautiful story! 20 years is so much, such a great accomplishment! It is always nice to read stories from others! super inspiring!

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    Jennifer L

    Absolutely beautiful reminders to love ourselves and to keep pushing ahead. Will be reading the other features in this series.

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    Fatima Torres

    There’s so much to be grateful for. I love hearing about people who find the courage from within to work towards a goal

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    Angela Ricardo Bethea

    This is such a great post. I am glad to hear some great inspiraTIONAL STORY FOR OTHER LADIES. bY THE WAY, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS IN YOUR COAT.

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    Aduke Schulist

    Love the proverbs shared here with this message. I usually turn to proverbs as the advice there is invaluable.

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    This is a gorgeous post! Proverbs 19:22 is one of my all-time favorites too and so true. Remembering that no matter what is going on, we are loved by God has always given me comfort in trying times.

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    Thank you for this encouragement. It’s really important to remember how God is and how much he loves us!

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    Trang Trang

    Wow, such aN iNspritional posT. I love thE ProverBs used in this post. And i love your images, too.

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    Claudia Gomez

    I lOve Angelle!! This is amazing to read and to see how you carry yourself now. What beautiful growth. I can totally appreictae this right now because i know this is a season for mE Where im discovering me and loving me for who god made me. Not for the approval of Others. Love Both of you ladies ❤️

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