Blue Maxi Dress + Coffee Date Vol. 2

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Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a really wonderful weekend! I love coffee dates and so I thought I would have one periodically here on the blog! I love talking! Anyone that knows me knows I talk a lot! I also love listening so I would love to hear what’s going on with you guys as well! Always feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

So if we were on a coffee date in real life this is what I would share with you…

⁃ I’m headed into my fourth week at my new job and I feel like I’m finally getting into a little bit of a groove! It’s been quite a bit of an adjustment organizing the kids schedules with Ben and myself but we are making it work! The kids only have four weeks left of school! This alone will simplify our schedules significantly. Although, Ava starts soccer again today which is chaos in and of itself lol.

⁃ We hired a trainer for our 16 month old lab Charlie. Between the 2 visits from the trainer and Ben’s consistency with him I feel like we have a new dog!! He actually listens to us! He sits when we say sit, comes to us when we call, just all the normal dog things that we’re not happening before. Neither of us had a puppy before and had no idea what we were doing!! We actually talk often about our second lab! I know, we are crazy!!!

⁃ I’m in the process of revamping my Pinterest and have been pinning like crazy! If you’re not already following me on Pinterest be sure to follow me and all my pinning here 🙂

⁃ We booked our family vacation to San Diego and we have a TON of surprises planned for the kids down there! We cannot wait!!!!

⁃ Lastly, my parents are officially planning on moving out here. I’m dying for them to get here! My brother and I along with Ben and the kids have been here without them for nearly 4 years! It feels like a decade!! They live in CT where I grew up! Ben and I are praying for September!! I’ll keep you posted on that!!

Now on to This dress. Yes. It’s a favorite. I have it in grey and I wore it all summer last year!! Shop Pink Blush is the brand! Many know them for their maternity pieces but they have a huge selection of non-maternity clothing as well!  If I had it in every color I would not be mad!! You can get yours here. My bag is from Clare V. I love this local LA brand!!! Lastly, shoes are new fave!! I’ve linked them shoes and they are less than 30.00!!! This concludes our coffee date! As I said earlier I like to do these periodically! You can see a few previous coffee dates here and here 🙂  Have an amazing week and thank you as always for stopping by the blog!  Much love,

All photos By: Nicole Quiroz

*Stay Tuned:  A new post featuring this brand, coming soon!!*


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    You look stunning girl! I love how the dress sits on you!
    Hope your parents get to you soon!
    Love from Austria,
    Theresa |

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    I’m not a fan of dresses, but this dress looks amazingly comfortable! I might just have to try these maxi dresses! Thanks for the inspiration. Love the color too!

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    Kate Blue

    So pretty! You look great in this maxi!

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    You look so pretty in this blue dress!

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    Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

    Love this pretty dress on you! I am all about comfy casual dresses. I need to stock up on some maxi dresses asap!

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    Emely Roman

    You look gorgeous! I love the lighter colored heels – they are a nice combo.

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    You’re going to have a lot of fun in San Diego. I use to live there for 4 years. Loved the weather and the distinct neighborhoods. I presume you’ll be around downtown San Diego.

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    Love this dress! It looks amazing on you!

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    Congrats on the new job! And I love that cold shoulder dress! So cute!
    xo Jessica

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    Fatima Torres

    This dress looks for comfortable! I love the way it flows with the wind. Great for the summertime.

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    Jessica Lam

    I love how simple yet classy this look is! Those heels are so beautiful, I love the colour!

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    Lee Anne

    Love these coffee dates! And yay for your parents moving out there! So happy for you.

    Lee Anne

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    What a gorgeous dress! I love this look on you!

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    Enjoying my second cup of coffee while reading your blog!!

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    Loving the dress and heels! Those shoes are the perfect color for spring!

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    that dress is so lovely on you, and yay on the new job, I have been looking for one for 3 years! This is my year..God willing!]


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    Cheers to making crazy schedules work with the new job, I know how tough that can be! Have a good Monday.


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    Morgan Klein

    That dress is gorgeous!! I love that color on you too!!

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    Brittany N

    That dress looks very comfortable! I love the color of it too!

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    Oh now that is a super cute maxi dress! You look stunning in it and girl I want that coffee haha.
    Julie *

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    Ah i love this dress! You loo gorgeous Ruthie!!

    xo Kelsey |

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    You look so pretty in this dress and it looks so comfy! Glad you’re getting acclimated to your new job! 🙂

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    angelle Marix

    Oh my goodness, YOUR parents are moving by you!!! That’s so AWESOME!!! You are Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to the San Diego pics!! Love ya


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    You are the queen of fantastic dresses!! I am so obsessed with your dress collection and this one is no exception! This dress looks amazing on you! I love the cold shoulder and the color! So gorgeous!

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    i could live in my maxi dresses and that color blue is absolutely incredible, i love it!

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    Nina – the HSS feed

    It sounds like things are going great for you! Cheers to more good things!

    xx Nina

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    Mallory Mitchell

    I love the way that dress flows. The color is also stunning on you!! Looks like a fun day 🙂

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    Rachel R Ritlop

    Training a pup makes SUCH a difference! Ours is really good – we are on the fence about getting a trainer since the things are SO minor and we are working with him on them. so jealous that you’re going to San Diego! Have fun!

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    Natasha Stoneking

    could you be ANY cuter?? that steel blue/gray dress on you is perfect… love it dressed up and down, too

  • avatar
    Debbie Savage

    I love love love this color! It is one of the best neutrals and you look just radiant!
    xo Debbie |

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    Cameron – Diary of a Southern Millennial

    Love this dress on you! Also love how you paired those heels with it – so cute!

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    Cathy Mini

    I absolutely ADORE your style! Love this maxi dress so much!

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    Me and my fiance are talking about getting a dog after we are married. I think it’s safe to say we will definitely go the trainer route. My dog while it took a great while for her to listen, she can at times have her own way. She’s too old to change now and she’s generally good and trained but it took a long time!!

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    Jessica Sheppard

    I love how you do these posts… So much goodness going on in your life!!!

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    Lindsay | Paperclips & Pacis

    You look amazing! I love how comfy Pink Blush dresses are. I swear I could live in mine! Good luck to your parents on their move! We moved away from family 2 years ago and we really miss having everyone so close.

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    Nicole @ Work|Wear|Wander

    I love the whole concept of this post…and your dress of course too 🙂

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    I am obsessed with this outfit! That bag is so amazing!

    xo Rachel –

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