The Gibson International Women’s Day Collection

Ruthie Ridley Blog The Gibson International Women’s Day Collection

I am so excited to share some of the most exciting news for me of 2019!!! I am BURSTING with JOY. I have been seriously over the moon since I heard the news. I am going to be a part of the Gibson International Women’s Day Collection exclusively sold exclusively at Nordstrom with 8 other FABULOUS women!!! You guys- There will be tops, skirts, blazers etc. named after each woman in this group that YOU can shop starting March 8th!

Let me introduce the girls that are apart of this amazing collaboration: Hoang Kim of Color and Chic, Rebecca of Mommy in Heels, Chelsea of Llowe Co Petite, Roselyn of Roselyn Weaver, Thamarr of Musings of a Curvy Lady, Erin of Living In Yellow, Lindsey of The Mother Chic, Mindy of Mindy CityyThe Gibson International Women’s Day Collection will feature namesake items of each of us. We all have such unique backgrounds and styles that will portrayed throughout this collection.  I cannot wait to share everything we have been working on!

The whole idea behind this collection and collaboration is to celebrate stories of women everywhere through unity, inspiration and balanced representation of women, all striving to make a difference in the worlds they influence everyday.

​​​​​​​The idea is SO powerful and I cant wait for it to all unfold in the coming weeks! One of my favorite parts about this collaboration is that a portion of the proceeds sold from our individual pieces will go to a charity of our choice!! I chose The Mission. This is an orphange in Mexico that my family and I go and visit year after year. They take kids off of the street and out of the system and provide a safe place for them to grow, learn and encounter the love of God! I am so excited to sow more into what they are all doing there!

About the collection:

  • Launch Date: MARCH 8
  • # of Styles: 17
  • Multiple colors per piece.
  • Size Run: XXSP – 3XL
  • Availability: Nordstrom exclusive
  • A portion of the sales will go toward a charity / organization of our choice!

SO much more to come!! I cannot wait to share everything with you all and for you to see the TWO tops named after me!!!

Ruthie Ridley Blog The Gibson International Women’s Day Collection

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    This is such an amazing idea! Women run the world, and it’s time everyone knew it. Let’s take charge of things. WOOT!

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    Congratulations Ruthie! I can definitely see why they chose you and I can’t wait to see the collection!

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    This is so exciting, I bet you can’t wait for the collection to be released. It’s such a big achievement, congratulations!

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    Debra Schroeder

    Congratulations on being picked! What a fantastic honor! Love that you choose an orphanage for your charity.

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    John Mulindi

    COngrats on this achievement. we need women like you to empower and bring change in the society. All the best.

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    sara welch

    That is such great news! I can’t wait to shop the collections and support all you lovely women!

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    Rachael Phillips

    Love it, really looking forward to seeing what you do with your collection and hopefully get buying x

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    Congrats! Glad to hear that you will be a part of the Gibson International Women’s Day Collection! That’s pretty cool! What a great cause as part of the sales will be going to the charity.

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    Congratulations! That is wonderful news. How exciting to be featured in this collection. You’ll have to post more details Soon!

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    Alexandra Cook

    Congratulations to you! It was a great opportunitu to be part of The Gibson’s Collection plus you are with these fabulous girls.

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    Jasmine Hewitt

    wow, congrats on being picked! I didn’t know this was a thing but its very exciting for you!

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    Congratulations on been picked. what a fantastic achievement. All the best

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    Many congratulations! This is such an achievement, and what a recognition to have too!

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    Kisha Stewart-Harris

    I can just feel your excitement bursting off of the page and I am just as excited for you. We are out here every day grinding to do what we love, so I know how it feels to be recognized and have the opportunity to let that hard work be shown off. congrats!

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    Chelle Dizon

    Wow, Congratulations to you! It’s very good to hear about that. The Gibson International Women’s Day Collection sounds a really awesome collaboration.

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    Sarah Lagen

    Congrats and what a fun idea!! I love women supporting women!!

    xo, Sarah

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    Oh my goodness this is so amazing! Congratulations!!! I love that you are part of this. I can’t wait to shop something with your name on it!! How fun!!


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    Laura Adney

    That is amazing! Congrats my dear, you deserve it

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    Congrats…. love it

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    Ummm OKAY. This is amazing! Major congratulations to you – and the rest of the beautiful ladies chosen for this project! I can’t wait to check out the line soon!

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    shannon gurnee

    congratulations on being a part of the collection! It looks like an awesome collection!

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    Hillary Conheady

    How exciting!! Congratulations girl! Can’t wait to see it!

    xo, Hillary

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    Well this is the best news ever!! So so excited for you!!

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    what exciting news!!

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    Sarah Lindner

    This is such exciting news!! congrats girl, very well deserved!! can’t wait to see!

    xoxo sarah

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    ashley hargrove

    I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! This is seriously the coolest ever!!!! CONGRATS!!

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    Oh wow! this is such an awesome opportunity! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see that collection!

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    Bethany Stout

    This sounds amazing. Any events that celebrate women is always a great holiday in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

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    This is amazing! I am so excited for you beautiful ladies 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

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    GIRL!!! CONGRATS!!! I love this idea. and what a wonderful group of ladies! Can’t wait to see the collection.
    Xo, Deanie

    Deanie Michelle

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