Saturday Seven: White Sneakers

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Ruffle top// Tulle Skirt// White Sneakers // White Sneakers

saturday-seven-white-sneakers- watches


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Ruffle Top// Tulle Skirt// White Sneakers // White Sneakers

Happy Saturday friends!! As promised, I am sharing my top seven favorite items every weekend this month as we head into the Spring season!! This Saturday it is all about the white sneakers! White sneakers are a closet staple for the Spring.  I have a few pairs myself as pictured above, and you can never have too many in my opinion!  Today I have linked all of my favorites from all of my favorite stores!! They are cute, super fun and comfy picks!! Let me know what you think!! Also I am wearing a very fun Spring-like-girly outfit with my white sneakers!!! My top and all the ruffles make me so happy! This skirt is perfect for a party or a date and I already told you why you need my shoes!! Hope you had an amazing week and that you have an even better weekend! Check out my picks below!



Top 7 White Sneakers: Click to the right!

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Pom Pom        //Athletic       // Glitter       // Stars     // Strappy      // High Top // Watch

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