{One piece swimsuit faves}

One piece swimsuits have come a mighty long way! And thank God for that because that’s all I’ll be wearing!! Here are some of my top picks from Anthropologie, Victoria’s Secret and Target.  My favorite out of all of these is the Anthropologie suit to the far right. Of course that one is 350.00, so I’m leaning toward number 4 out of the Victoria’s Secret collage. Which is your favorite?!?


One piece swimsuit faves: Anthropologie One Piece Suits
Victoria’s Secret

One piece swimsuit faves: Victoria's Secret One Piece


These suits are very similar. The one to the left is from Target, the one on the right from Victoria’s Secret. Shockingly, they are both the same price (39.50)!! In this case, I say go with the better quality ?.
Hope you’re having a fantastic week!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Ruthie, xoxo

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    I love all these pics! I’m in the market for a 1 piece myself, they are just too cute these days!
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

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      They really are!! ❤️

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    I love them!! Thanks for making swimsuit shopping slightly less terrible! ??

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    I love them! Thanks for making swimsuit shopping less terrible!! ??

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      Omg I love you!!! You can wear anything!!!!

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