Jumpsuits + New Seasons 

The past two weeks have been super fun here in the Ridley household! It’s not that we’ve been doing a ton of “fun” things, per say, but we are living on a little bit of a cloud nine! Earlier last year, Ben decided that he wanted to get into real estate with a really good friend that already had an established company and team. Ben has spent the past 4-5 months, studying and preparing for his real estate exam. After a few tries, sleepless nights and much frustration, Ben passed his exam the Thursday  before last! It’s been nearly two weeks and we are still in celebration mode!! There’s nothing quite like watching someone you love, work hard, fight for what they want and then get it!! I’m so proud of him. The best part– he’s waiting on a house to go into escrow as we speak! If you need a house and your local, shoot us a message! I know I’m biased, but he’s seriously amazing!!

On to this jumpsuit! I am a huge fan of jumpsuits this season. I love anything that flows and is roomy as well. This one is comfy yet chic. I’m loving the neck detail as well as the side pockets and wide leg!! This particular jumpsuit is from Shein.  You can grab the same exact look here.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!! Thank you as always for stopping by the blog! Much love,

Ruthie xo

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jumpsuits- light grey

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All Images: Sarah Schweyer Photography

Makeup: Julia

Shoes: Ross (Nine West)

Bag: Gifted

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    You look absolutely fabulous!

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    Kristin Kruse

    YAY for Ben & your entire family!!! I wish we lived even remotely closer and could use him as our realtor 🙂 You are looking absolutely FIERCE in this jumpsuit. The color, material & styling are so so great. <3


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    Girl your hair and jumpsuit are on point! So beautiful, Ruthie!

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    Love this jumpsuit on you! The color is beautiful!!
    xO – Steph


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    You are working that jumpsuit! ! It looks good on you!


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    Jessica W

    The jumpsuit looks awesome on you!
    xo Jessica

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    gosh i love this white jumpsuit on you! xx toby poshandspicy.com

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    that jumpsuit looks fabulous on you! I love how chic and comfortable it looks! <3

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    Jessica Sheppard

    This jumpsuit is absolutely FABULOUS on you! It sure does fit you perfectly. And the images from this are on point! Love love love, friend!

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    This jumpsuit is to die for!! I love the color on you and the neckline is just so fabulous! xoxo, Audrey

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    Absolute perfection! That jumpsuit was made for you. So simple, chic and classic.


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    Amanda | Glitter & Spice

    This is the cutest jumpsuit! Also your makeup looks GORGEOUS. Love it!
    XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com

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    Kait Elizabeth

    So excited for you and Ben and the whole family! That’s amazing! Gorgeous look Ruthie. Sending you a billion hugs, Kait

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    I wish I could find a jumpsuit that would fit me like that! Congrats to you and your family.


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    Stacy Weber

    Gorgeous!!! This jumpsuit looks beautiful on you!!!

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    Krista Williams

    goodness girl. who is your photographer? I want them. They fucking SLAY the vision and aesthetic that we like and your locations are to die. You are so easy to photograph and the outfits kill – but still, INCRED.

    Love this – so chic and easy. GORG.


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    Such a gorgeous jumpsuit! You look great! Congrats on everything!


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    Killer Jumpsuit!

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    Tara Williams

    I absolutely love this look! I find so many great things from SheIn! Jumpsuits and all white are two of my favorite looks this spring- you nailed it!
    Xo, Tara

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    Oooooooh that jumpsuit looks amazing on you!! I still haven’t taken the plunge to buy one yet (what’s wrong with me?!). You totally convinced me to!! xoxo


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    Ruthie, you look absolutely amazing in white!!! I adore this look on you and that jumpsuit is gorgeous. You are simply stunning! Xoxo

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    Congrats to your hubby, such a #powercouple. You and Kristin have officially convinced me to get on board with the jumpsuit trend… LOVE it…
    xoxox, Lauren {www.rosesandrainboots.com}

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    Looking absolutely stunning in this jumpsuit:) love it!

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    These shots of you are stunning!! Totally in love with them. Congrats to your hubby on passing his exam! Hope you’re having a lovely Monday xx

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    Beautiful jumpsuit, eye makeup, background, photography, and everything!! Loved this post.


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    Peanuts & Thread

    Jumpsuit is an item not anyone can pull it off. But you pull it off really well. And I love the color!

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    I love this jumpsuit on you! It looks so clean and streamlined. Congratulations on that success! My husband is an appraiser and has his real estate license- I know how much work goes into it, and how hard it can be to get going! It sounds like he’s off to an awesome start so far!!

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    Courtney Bentley

    Congrats on the success!! I know how difficult it can be to pass the real estate test as my nephew just did it and was telling me how hard it is!! I LOVE your makeup and your outfit so GLAM!!! xo C

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    Girl you look INCREDIBLE! This jumpsuit was made for you. Absolutely chic.

    xo Ashley

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    What a great look on you!! I love jumpsuits but I’m really tall so it’s hard to find one that fits perfectly. I’m still on the hunt!

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    Just gorgeous! You really know how to pull of a jumpsuit! Congrats to your hubby!

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    Brittney Shull

    Stunning, my friend. Seriously so stunning. Bravo to Sarah, too!!

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    Aishwarya S

    I totally love jumpsuits. They give a look of professionalism. Looks great on you!! 🙂

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    Your photos are so good! You are a beauty!

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    Ruthie you look gorgeous in that jumpsuit!!! Congrats to your hubby on his new endeavour.

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    That jumpsuit is gorgeous! I love the ruffled collar and your bag is so pretty!

    xo Brie

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    Joyce Davies

    Congrats love!!! That is amazing I’m so happy for you two. It’s great to have a loving supportive relationship on both ends. It just shows no matter what your there for one another. It’s inspiring.

    BTW, that jumpsuit is amazing!!!!! Werk

    Love & Hugs,

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    Tailored and true

    Ruthie you look amazing!!! Congrats to Ben on passing the exam and keep on celebrating 🙂


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    Ruthie this is a perfect jumpsuit! You look absolutely stunning! Congrats to Ben, and thank you for sharing this part of your life with us!

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    You look amazing! I’m really into jumpsuits too this season. I feel like they help me get dressed faster (I don’t have to find matching bottom and top), they’re super chic, and not everyone has jumped on the jumpsuit bandwagon. I keep saying I’m going to check out SheIn. I’ve got to get on it!

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    This jumpsuit is perfection, Ruthie! I love the all white! You look stunning! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

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    Ruthie, this jump suit is so adorable!! I am loving your look here!

    xo Mariam

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    Ruthie, I can’t get over how amazing you look in this jumpsuit!!! Killing it girl! Xo, Roselyn

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    Janna Doan

    HOT DIGGITY!!!!!!! lady on fire !!!!! and what the heck?!?! shein?!?! NO WAY. seriously you always find the best stuff there!!! this outfit is slammin babe, i was just thinking the other day i really want a white jumpsuit. it looks white in the picts at least i know it says grey. but DANG. i’m adding it to my bag. i love jumpsuits. the fact that i can put it on and not have to find a matching top or bottom is LIFE. i’ve also found the wide leg jumpsuits to be the best, so flowy and feminine. and this one is a high neck!!! it’s callin my name Ruthie. and dang, the photography is SO ON POINT. i think this is my fave. can you tell? ps-congrats to ben!! hope you have a great rest of the week babe xoxo,

    janna | http://www.jannadoan.com

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    Kandja Sylla

    Wow! I’m so happy for you and Ben! That jumpsuit is really amazing. I like how flowy it looks and its so perfect for summer. Looking great! xx


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    Amanda Cross

    Loving this look! I need to invest more in jumpsuits. You styled this jumpsuit very well! This looks like the perfect summer outfit!

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