I am so excited to be having Joy guest blog for me today!! She the New York based life and style blogger behind www.jseivad.com She is filled with joy, so fitting to her name. She is a stylist and a designer with her own clothing line! I absolutely adore this girl. Read more about her below! XO

Greetings! Ha, sounds like an ad! Greetings my name is Joyce but everyone calls me Joy due to my joyous nature. I am as others would describe bubbly, overly positive and ready to speak life into anyone who has something negative to say about themselves or their situation. When my lovely friend Ruth approach me about being feature on her page I was overwhelming shocked and grateful mainly because of how she just talked about me. It honestly made me blush because I knew all that she describe was the new me God had started to create.

See, I am a stylist and designer. When I first started blogging it was to help promote my clothing line called Brigette Clarice. During that time that’s when I found the Rock Church or I should say they found me! That would be the day my whole entire life change. See God found me and began to pour his love in me. I knew I always wanted to spread the love I had in me to other woman so they could be confident in loving themselves. But on thing God wanted to do was help me love me first before i could teach others how to. Grow my faith and trust in him. See my faith in God grew when I saw what he did in my life and the life of others around me. Having faith is literally believing in something you can not see.

Style for me had took a back seat to focus on my brand but God changed that around when he allow certain events to happen which had me going from sewing to styling. At first I was in tears but as I went on i realize God was developing me. He wanted to build every part of me not just one section. That;s one thing we have to remember we are multifaceted. God has equipped us with so many talents, some we may not even know we have. He wants to bring out the best in us and because of him I began to see. See, that he has made me fearful and wonderful, and he has done the same for you. With styling he taught me truly how to build Godfindence in someone.

It’s not just about the clothes  you wear but it’s about how you feel inside. So, now I use my styling gift to build peple up from the inside out. Making rules and regulations as I dress them. One rule i have is that my client can not say anything negative about themselves in my presence. I want you to begin to speak beautiful things, admire who you are and realize you are beautiful. I have seen this change so many people view of themselves with just this one rule. My goal with every client is to make people realize that it doesn’t matter what others say about you! All that matter is what God says, and there’s scripture after scripture in the bible that sates it.

Jacket: Liberty London
Button down/Tunic: New Look
Lace Crop Top: KAS New York
High Waisted Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Lola Shoetique



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    Thanks for sharing it is so important to speak well of yourself my son is reading this book “what you say is what you get” Basically what you confess is what you empower.

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    Beautiful girl inside and out. Love this!!! XO to both! ~Anna http://www.pepperandlife.com

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    Love it, amazing feature Ruthie, and equally amazing woman!

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    I love reading about new bloggers, thanks for sharing your friend with us!

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    Kait Elizabeth

    Joy is so beautiful inside and out! I loved this post. Hugs, Kait

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