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We are slowly working on decorating the kids room! I don’t know about you, but when decorating the house, the kids room may come last.  That is how it works at my house anyways! Let me be fully honest and say, Ben and I haven’t fully decorated our room yet either…. guys, it is just not my strong point! I had a good friend come by and help me with the entire downstairs area, so at least that looks decent! Fashion comes like second nature to me, home decor is like a foreign language!

The kids had the opportunity to pick out some new prints for their room.  These prints from Hi Kids Co.  that they are holding are the ones they picked out online!! I love this online print store.  Not only are they adorable but I think they are unique and I love anything that is different and can’t be found at Target.  Even though, anyone who knows me knows that I do love Target.   Hi Kids Co. works with artists from all over the world to produce original art for kids. The prints all start with an idea & a sketch.  No clip art at all whatsoever which is nice!  “All prints are printed by us in-house using acid-free, lignin-free fine art papers & archival ink”.  Pretty rad if you ask me!! I urge you to check out all of their prints here.  Savannah and Judah are wearing rompers from SlingShots and Arrows.  Judah and Savannahs shoes are both from Old Navy :).  Ava is in head to toe Target, including those cute glasses! Happy Monday to you all!! Hope you have an amazing week! As always, thank you for stopping by the blog!

Much love,

Ruthie xo

All Photos By Sarah Schweyer Photography

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    How cute are those?! And their outfits are on point!

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    How fun!!!! I love that the room can be decorated with the creative ideas the kids made. These turnedout adorable.

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    Lee Anne

    These prints are adorable! They look so happy to have picked out their own prints, love this!

    Lee Anne

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    Omg this is the cutest!!! Their outfits are adorable!

    xo Kelsey | http://www.chasingcinderellablog.com

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    Oh my gosh, I love that boxer print and totally need it for my office!

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    This is adorable! Their outfits are so cute and the prints are beautiful!

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    Nicole Leffew

    I can’t get enough of them. They are so cute! You dress them so well Ruthie!! And how cute are those prints?? Xo

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    Oh My Heart!!! Your kinds are the coolest and most beautiful!!!
    You are incredibly blessed!!
    xo, Shell

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    Aida Zhan

    Cutest post I’ve seen all day! Wow! Adore it all! <3

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    This is such a cute post! Those prints are adorable and I could totally see them in my kids’ rooms.

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    These photos are absolutely adorable!!! These kids are the cutest ever. They must have had the best time picking out those prints!

    xo, Shelby

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    I feel your pain, I’m terrible at decorating as well so most of our walls are empty. I need help!!! Now on to these kids of yours, they are absolutely adorable and are so photogenic! I love the idea of the prints – it’s a pretty cool concept. The outfits are too cute! Thanks for sharing Ruthie! Xoxo

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    I love hearing about this!! I LOVE decorating the house almost as much as fashion and my youngest’s big boy bedroom is the next project on the horizon!! This is definitely a place I am going to checkout online!! As always, you educate me on something fabulous!!


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    Miss Melissa (@Melissamchee)

    AWESOME photos – super cute kiddos

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    Gurki Bhamber (@BloggAdventures)

    Your kids are soo cute. It’s great that they got to pick up their own prints for their rooms.

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    Oh my gosh, STOP. These photos are too adorable!!! & those photos are cute, I love the pop-art feel!

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    Adorable! Love that lion sweatshirt!


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    Katherine – Engineering In Style

    This is SO cute! Family Goals!!

    Engineering In Style

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    Nina – the HSS feed

    Those prints (and the kids!) are so adorable! I can totally relate on decorating, I’m not sure our house will ever be done!

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    Pretty Weird Bombshell

    You got yourself some adorable models Ruthie! I can see they had fun doing the photo ops. I love the idea about the prints for the decoration. Thanks for sharing! xx


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    Madi Dodd White

    as a lover of fashion and design, I love EVERYTHING about this post. great images!

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    AWW I love this! Your kids are adorable! http://www.kimballandkedzie.com

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    I love your family and these prints! That unicorn one has my name all over it!

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    Those prints are adorable! We’re the opposite. My daughter’s room is the cutest, most decorated room in the house!

    Fizz and Frosting

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    Omg that dancing shot is giving me life! Your kids are so cute I want to meet them. And those threads. Adorethem !!!

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    Your kids are the cutest little models! Love the prints!

    xO – Steph

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    Jena Proctor

    Adorable kids and prints! I love how they are different and not what you find in stores, unique is my favorite thing. Teaching our kids to be their own person is so important, having something as simple as room decor that is different helps reinforce that!

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    Jessica Sheppard

    Omg! Your kids are the cutest…they have me going to check out Hi Kids Co. All 3 prints are so stickin’ adorable! I’m sure they are the coolest kids in town…always dressed so hip…guess they come by it honestly! You are the bomb!!

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    Your kids are so stinking adorable! And they seriously know how to work the camera!!

    xx, Zoe | http://www.zoewithlove.me

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    Morgan Klein

    Omg how cute!!! This is the most stylish group of kids ever!!!!

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    I mean how stinking cute is this!! I love those prints 🙂


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    Amanda Kruse

    So cute! I bet your kids had fun doing this photo shoot.

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

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    Ashley Carrington

    This is all way too cute! Looks like your kids had a blast!

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    They are the absolute cutest!!!! Their outfits are too fun! Love the fun prints!

    xo Ashley

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    Sarah Lindner

    These prints are just as adorable as your kids!!

    Sarah Lindner

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    Erica @ Coming Up Roses

    Ruthie I swear yor kids should all be models.

    Coming Up Roses

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