How is it Friday again?!?! I cannot believe it. I am SO ready for the weekend. Work was busy this week and I miss my babies! My oldest has been BEGGING to go ice skating so that is the plan tonight! This is an act of love on my part…. I don’t like to be cold or uncomfortable! Haha! I know, however that it is going to be a great family night. Ben leaves the following day for the UK for about 10 days. I am going to miss him terribly, but I am so glad he gets to be with his family and go and pay his respects to his amazing granddad that recently passed. The kids and I will be staying extra busy while he is away. It is my only way of coping! lol… Ben and I are a team around here so when he is gone there is a huge gaping hole. I am taking the kids to see their best friends in San Fran for an overnight on Saturday morning. They are going to be so surprised and it’ll keep them distracted as well!

Now that I told you my whole life story! On to all things fashion! I honestly love dressing up! It is so much fun, but on a day to day basis I love a good pair of sneakers and my best pair of Lululemon leggings. Comfort is everything when it comes to running errands and being at the park with my kiddos!! I have been crushing hard on the few sneakers picks you see below. I think the white New Balance are runners up for first place!! I need those NOW!! What sneakers are y’all loving these days and what are your weekend plans?! Thank you as always for following along and visiting the blog!

Much love,

Ruthie xo

1. Acne Studios

2. Classic Vans Less than 60.00

3. Nordstrom Nike Air Max

4. ‘Blazer’ Vintage High Top Basketball Sneaker

5. JCREW New Balance: Less than 90.oo

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    Great post. My older son has been asking me to go ice skating too but we won’t be able to go until March. Will there still be ice around by then? Haha. Anyway, I’ve been looking for good running sneakers (will probably do a post on my picks as well). I like the Vans that you chose. Have fun ice skating with the kids and just bundle up, you’ll enjoy it! Xoxo

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      Thank you Gail!! You and the kids will have a blast! I can assure you there will be many laughs!! lol

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    I have been loving the nike air max and I am a big converse girl – I just got a new pair of high tops! I hope you have fun with your kiddos this weekend, they are so cute on all your IG posts! 🙂

    xo – Chelsea

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      I am a big converse girl myself. I think it is time for me to branch out a but tho!! Thank you love! They are sweety pies too xo

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    Kait Elizabeth

    I have never gotten into tennis shoes, but I want to give them another try. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers with Ben gone, and for his traveling! Hugs, Kait

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      Thank you gorgeous Kait!! He finally gets home tomorrow!! xo

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    Jen Frick (@mrsjenfrick)

    Sneakers are the best! I live in my vans pretty much everyday – practical and chic, who wouldn’t love that?! Praying for your family as Ben heads over to the UK! xoxo

    Jen |

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      Thank you sweet Jen! He finally comes home tomorrow!! xo

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