I recently completed a 20 day bible study hosted by Havilah Cunnington about dream chasing God’s way.  The bible study was called “Eat Pray Hustle- Dream Chasing God’s Way”.  I loved it because I couldn’t watch it every single day along with everyone else, but I was able to replay episodes and they were never more than 7 min long! Just perfect for me.  Lots of truth packed into very little time.  I wanted to share a few nuggets of revelation and insight I gained from this study. It was so enlightening!  We all have dreams and we all want to seem them fulfilled.  Here is a bit of what I learned:

  • Dreams are road maps to freedom
  • Your encounters with God are personal and powerful and will reveal the dream of God
  • Your dreams are connected to your gifts and talents
  • Dreams confirm what you already possess
  • “Overnight success takes 10 years” Don’t be discouraged if the dream takes time
  • No one can take the dream of God from you
  • Fear and unbelief are dream killers
  • Dreams are not bound by time
  • Protect your dreams
  • Dreams require a healthy envirmonment
  • Who is your dream chasing tribe? Family and community are so important in surrounding your dreams
  • Fulfilled dreams = a fulfilled life

There were so many more great nuggets in this study. I wish I could share them all. I feel so encouraged after this 20 day journey. You can view and listen to the entire study for free, here.

On to this outfit! I love items that are versatile.  This poncho can be worn two different ways which means two different outfits! Win. I also just love all the detailing.  These are my favorite jeans right now and no lie they are sooo comfy! I wear that like 3 days a week. My clutch was thrifted but I linked one similar.  I can’t get enough of amazing thrift store finds! Lastly, these shoes pictured below were a Marshall’s find from last year.  I love them so much! Open toed booty’s are the best & Marshall’s has a part of my heart! Lol

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog this fine Monday morning! Let me know your thoughts on dream chasing and this sweet poncho!! Much love,

Ruthie xo


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All images by: Sarah Schweyer Photography

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    So inspiring!! Dreams do take perseverance, but it’s worth every bit. Looking fab as always. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience, Ruthie!

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      Thank you sweet, Gunjan!! You are always so kind!! xo

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    I LOVE that poncho – you look amazing all the time!! Great post xoxo Samantha

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      Samantha you are so sweet!! Thank you love!! xo

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    Such a beautiful post! So Inspiring!
    You are a true beauty inside and out!
    xo, Shell

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      Shell, these words mean so much!! Thank you my dear!! xo

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    looking gorgeous!! Love your ponchos <3

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      Thank you Stefanie!! xo

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    I love everything about this Ruthie! You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    XOXO Morgan England

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      Morgan, you are so sweet! Thank you my dear!

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    Krista Williams

    Love this look, girl.
    These were my favorites:
    Your dreams are connected to your gifts and talents
    Dreams confirm what you already possess


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      Krista, you are so good to me!! Thank you so much love! xo

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    Loved your story and of course the style. Shared the dream workshop with someone I love who I think might like it!

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      Yay!! I am so glad you liked it and will pass it along!! xo

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    Kait Elizabeth

    Your posts are always so uplifting to read!!! And that poncho is gorg. Hugs, Kait

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      Aww Kait, that means so much to me!! Thank you so much!! xo

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    Loved reading your post, Ruthie! You’re just amazing. Love that poncho on you. It’s perfect and you look stunning! Have a great week ahead, love! 🙂

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      Thank you so much my dear! You are always so kind!!

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    Absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing with us! I just started and finished day 1! Whooooop! So what I need right now too!
    Plus you look super gorg, as always!!



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      Thank you gorgeous!! I am so glad you got to start it! You won’t regret it! xo

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    I loved everything you shared Ruthie , such great advice . You are such an amazing person!! I hope we all get to actually meet in person one day 🙂

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    That poncho is aaaaamazing! I love that it’s reversible so you can never get tired of it and so it can match your entire wardrobe! Looking beautiful as always <3

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    WOW! Thank you so much for sharing the link and for sharing your thoughts about it! Also, I love your poncho here!!

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    I love this post, and as always, you are such an inspiration! Always a positive thinker and reaching for the stars. I love your takeaways – I want to make it into a graphic, print it out, and put it on my bulletin board!!
    xo Annie

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    Amazing message and amazing look as always! I enjoy following along with you blog! xoxox

    Happy Thursday love – Chels

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