Back To School With Microsoft Pro 6

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Ruthie Ridley Blog Back To School With Microsoft Pro 6

Back To School With Microsoft Pro 6

Ruthie Ridley Blog Back To School With Microsoft Pro 6

School is here and we have all dived right in! My kiddos are in 2nd, 3d and 5th this year and are SO excited about their teachers, friends and learning all of the new things.  On the first day of school Ava my oldest, came home and said “Mom, where’s the computer? My teacher has homework scheduled for us on her website!”  I thought to myself- wow, when I was in the 5th grade, I did not even know what a website was or how to navigate a keyboard.  Things have changed drastically, and Ben and I have realized how important it is to remain relevant with our kids and their needs! We later found out that all 3 had scheduled computer times at school and were required to be efficient in navigating a laptop or computer!

This year we decided, let’s have an upgrade and be prepared for all of the computer/lap top needs that are going to come their way! We have introduced the kids to the Microsoft Surface Pro 6! What I would do to have a device like this at their age!! The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is an ultra-light and versatile computer with a built-in kickstand and Type Cover. It can go from laptop to tablet to portable studio.  You can take notes, doodle, watch content online! This device has proven to be just what we have needed as a family! It is user friendly, state of the art, top of the line and something I think everyone should have in their home!  You can sync your phone to the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 which I always think is great for us adults!

Some things that made me SUPER happy and comfortable with this purchase was they have a 30-day return policy- no questions asked, you get 90 days of free technical support which for me is a MUST because I am not that computer savvy! You are given 12 months of in-store technical support and lastly, one free training session to transfer your data and learn more about your new device! Customer service at its finest!! Nothing like getting an awesome new device and not knowing how to fully use it!

Not only has doing homework at home on the computer become easier, but it has most definitely become more fun! One of my kid’s favorite features is the ability to take notes and doodle! They feel like the big- smart kids and get to practice their computer skills at home!! Anything to keep them ahead of the game – we are for it! Lastly, did you know Microsoft offers free shipping and returns? And can you mention that you can save on Microsoft Surface devices this back-to-school season? Talk about perfect timing!! Happy Back to school friends!

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