{ Ridley’s First Camping Trip }

There’s a lot of things you do for love! I consider going camping with my three kids an act of love! I am all about comfort and good sleep — not that I get that at home on any given night but, you know what I mean!!!

Our lovely nanny / friend turned 21 this past Friday and ALL she wanted to do was go camping for her 21st b-day. This was music to Ben’s ears! He grew up camping and I did not. It’s not really my idea of a good time. But, I’m all about blessing people, especially on their birthday!! So we said yes!! I was extremely concerned about being cold and whether or not the kids would actually sleep. Inspite of my concerns, we were going!!!

Ben got us a tent the size of our house, a stove to convienietly cook and sleeping bags that were good for weather below zero degrees. He picked a site 20 minutes from the house so that we could easily return home in the event of any catastrophe! He planned out every single meal in detail and sent us girls to the grocery store with detailed lists so he could prepare these gourmet meals! Lol.

The car was packed to the brim and ready for unload.


The site was on a hill, but it was strategically across the way from the bathroom and showers. Great work Ben!!


Ben gladly built this tent with no help!! Thank God 🙂


IMG_6112 IMG_6109

For dinner we had hot dogs and hamburgers. Our camp fire didn’t work because one of the girls didn’t buy real wood :):):)


After dinner we went on a long walk to the lake. We saw the most beautiful sunset and had races with the kids. Never a dull moment.

IMG_6113 IMG_6115 IMG_6116 IMG_5926-0

S’mores and nachos over the fire were next on the agenda! Followed by games and an extreme attempt to get the kids to go to bed!

IMG_6114 IMG_6093

They finally fell asleep. Judah woke up several times asking to go home. He ended up in my sleeping bag. I ended up sleeping on several large sharp rocks and woke up with what I like to describe as a broken back!!

Morning came quickly and we were greeted by a flock of wild turkey’s. Ben got right to cooking and Savannah continued on her art project.

IMG_6119IMG_6118 IMG_6110 IMG_6117 IMG_6120

The girls woke up shortly after breakfast was made. Renee concluded that camping was not her thing but she was thankful to have experienced camping for the very first time.


It was an overnight trip done well. I’m in no rush to go camping anytime soon, but I am thankful for a husband that knows how to enjoy the experience. The children had a blast and made unforgettable memories. I am thankful.

Ruthie xoxo

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    Oh wow!! Even though it didn’t turn out to be a life long passion, it’s still great to see that being open to try new things isn’t the worst that could happen. At the end of the day you still have the experience and a great laugh for the future!! Nothing creates a greater memory than when your kids are older and they are like “Oh my gosh do you remember the time…”

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