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Last Friday we completed our Women Empowering Women Series, where I interviewed 4 local fashion bloggers and picked their brains in the way of support, empowerment, entrepreneurship and life.  You can read all 4 interviews here, here, here and here! LOL.

This week I am honored to introduce you to my good friend Kathrine Kunde.  She is not only my friend, but has been my personal trainer in the past as well.  Over the next 4 weeks, we will be grabbing tips, tricks and very valuable pieces of information that will help all of us maximize our health.  I am so excited for you to learn more about her and more from her! Introducing Kat Kunde:

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I was born and raised on an island far north on the coast of Norway. I am forever 25 years old (haha) and married to my guitar hero Jeffrey Kunde. We have two amazing toddler boys, Luca (3) and Aksel (2).

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When did your passion for fitness begin and derive from?! 

My passion for fitness began when I realized over and over again how vital it was for my day: being energized after an accomplishment, the sense of confidence after overcoming procrastination, and the joy of living with a community of people who share the same passion for pursuit of whole body health. My passion for fitness is also fueled by my life goal: to win! Winning isn’t just for athletes. It’s for those who set out to reach long term goals, and achieve them. I am in a life long race with fitness, and I’ll cross the finish line first.

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My certifications are in personal training (08′), Spinning (10′), TRX 13′) and Practical Yoga (16′). I’ve also instructed most formats of group fitness since starting this profession.

What is your favorite workout?! 

My favorite workout – it depends on the day because I really enjoy so many variations of training. As a rule of thumb, I listen to my body and do whatever it’s telling me for that day – some days I enjoy heavier lifting and do the deads, the squats and the back extensions until I want to die. Other days I power walk on a treadmill with some incline and finish off with Strala Yoga.
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How often do you train/workout?! 

I workout every single day and it’s always a part of my schedule. I find that I enjoy it more when I don’t have to feel stressed about it or try to catch up from a day or two of being lazy. However, It does go hand in hand with carefully listening to what my body needs. I never lift heavy more than 2-3 days in a row – there will always be a day of just cardio or just stretching knitted in to ensure balance.

I will say that prehabilitation (not a spelling flaw) trumps rehabilitation any day. I never want to put my body in a place where it needs to go through rehab. I hate pain, so I preventatively strength train now in order to avoid future injury. I also prehabilitate because I carry the responsibility to reach my goals that are beyond where I’m at right now

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Do you have a favorite food/meal?! 

My favorite foods are colorful vegetables and wild caught fish. I love fish and have tried them all – in all their forms of preparation (thanks to my Norwegian grandma who told us to like fish. It wasn’t an option!). I heavily rely on my husbands culinary talents for all of our meat (especially fish) preparations. You all should come to our house for dinner sometime. He’s the man.

Guys, is she amazing or what?!?! Come back next week to learn some amazing things from this QUEEN!!! As always, thank you for stopping by the blog!!!
Ruthie xo

All Images By: Sarah Schweyer

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    What a fun series! Loving y’all’s workout gear too.


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    Nina L

    Love the part about listening to your body, it’s so important! Some days it craves weights, other days just cardio!

    xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

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    How 2 Wear It

    Great friend, and personal trainer?! #friendshipgoals Love y’alls workout gear!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

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    rachel moore

    working out every day?? WOW!!! what an impressive mama. and btw – i just LOVE albion fit clothes!!!

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    Such a great interview! Love these photos – y’all look so fun!! The workout clothes are awesome too!

    xo Lacey

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    I have absolutely loved reading all of these interviews with such gorgeous, inspiring women!! Keep it up Ruthie!

    xo Kelsey | http://www.chasingcinderellablog.com

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    Laura B

    Love this! I love having someone in your life like that who can motivate and inspire you. Love your leggings too!

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    Love this post! Plus, how cute are those work out pants!


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    This is such a cool series! You look so adorable in your matching sets, I love it!

    Here’s The Skinny

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    Tiffani at Breton Bay

    Love everything about your series!! This is so important – women empowering other women ??????. I love fitness too so I loved hearing she treats her body and does different workouts. Great post!!


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    The Golden Girl Diary

    I love this post! I am all for the women empowering women. You’re the best!

    xo, Amanda | http://www.thegoldengirldiary.com

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    Lee Anne

    Nice to meet you Kat! This is such a great post, I’m all for maximizing my health 🙂

    Lee Anne

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      Thank you Lee Anne, that’s awesome – we would not run out of things to talk about over coffee then 😉 – xxx

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    Nice beach shots and great post.


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    The Style Lynn Life

    Ruthie, I adore you and I love that you did this series!! She sounds amazing and I can’t wait to read her tips next week!
    xo, Roselyn

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    Ruthie I really enjoyed reading this post! Cant wait to ready the next one! XO

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    Emily Fogarty

    What a great series!! And I am loving your workout gear!!

    xox E

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    Sandy a la Mode

    not shots and post!! inspirational girl!!

    Sandy a la Mode

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    I truly loved these posts. Such amazing inso — thank you!

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    I’m obsessed with those leggings! Too cute!


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    Nicely captured. Love your features on girl power! What an inspiration you are!


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    Adaleta Avdić

    These photos are so beautiful & it looks so fun. I adore all the white in your photography! xx Adaleta Avdic

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    Katherine – Engineering In Style

    This is a super cute series!! I want your workout outfits 🙂

    Engineering In Style

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    Lauren Dix

    Such a great interview and series! I really need to get better at preparing fish!

    Fizz and Frosting

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    Can’t wait to follow this series!!


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    Heather Johnson

    Such a great post and beautiful photos! I really enjoyed reading this interview, and can I just say, you ladies look AHmazing! Killin’ it with those sand-plyometrics (just looking at the photo made me feel the burn, lol!) Love the idea behind this series and as always, Ruthie… you are the #MajorInspoGoalsGirlBossBabe 🙂

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    Dashing Darlin’

    LOVED the series and look forward to this new series!! You both look amazinggggg #bootygoals

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    Nicholle Brainard

    I can’t wait to keep reading this series! PS I am loving these workout pants!

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