{Ideal date night: His & Her perspective}

I asked some guys and some gals what their ideal date night would look like! Here’s what they said:

The Fellas:

“Food, beer, and a fun activity. Rock climbing, arcade, ice skating, shooting pool, darts, movie, ball game, bowling” Ben

“Just one on one… No distraction getting ice-cream after the meal and then chill at home” Anonymous

“Nice restaurant and then walking around the town stopping in on a favorite coffee shop. Ideally, I’d take her back to NY and do that in my home town and we could walk down by the water and sit at the waters edge listening to it wash up to shore and watch the moon rise over the lake” – Seth

“A nice dinner with high quality food and preparation in a quiet relaxed environment, followed by a fun desert location with laughs and good conversation ending with a moonlit walk by the ocean or a river (Some kind of water) with periodic moments of expressing love for each other with words and actions. (kissing) ? My initial thoughts.” Ben

“Ideal date would be to get dinner, followed up by a coffee shop hang, then finish the night by doing something fun like a drive in movie, putt putt, canvas and cocktails, or something along those lines.” -Ross

“Dinner and a long sceneic walk in the city to talk.” Anonymous

“Hmm… I’d say an ideal date should involve some stop for food (though not necessarily a full meal) and something else interactive. For the latter, a movie’s too boring; you just sit next to each other for 90 mins? I’d prefer something athletic or better yet, the sexiest possible date destination, a museum” -Tony
“Ideal date night: start with face time. Check in after the time apart. Do something we both like, active more time to talk side by side. Try something new. Good food or sweets. Little kisses and touches. Remember that the Lord celebrates our love. End of date . . . Determined by emotional connection level on the date :)” – Jeff

“Starts with an old fashioned at Banderas. Then dinner. Driving range or something outdoors like a walk around lake/river. Movies are lame because no interaction. Or Dinner, Kings game, Night cap downtown,Drinks/dessert (ricks dessert diner). Rated R: Get a baby sitter, Stay home….. U know the rest.” Kris

 The Ladies:

“Going out to eat a nice meal,no rush, some shopping” -Terry

“Beautiful drive to Tahoe in the convertible and a nice dinner overlooking the water. Favorite stay at home date… Each person pick a recipe they want to try. Spend time planning, going to store for ingredients, cooking together and sharing the meal with a nice glass of wine :).” -Sheri

“I love surprise dates! Like coming home to a romantic dinner or having him plan an evening out but not tell you where you’re going. But I think if you’re with the right guy the most mundane evening can be special just because you’re spending time together!” -Katy

“Anything child free ?!! A perfect date night involves my favorite dinner, a lot of walking and just hanging out while sipping a coconut milk chai. not hard to please ? flowers are NOT a bad thing either ? ” – Alayna

“Oh we love dinner at a favorite restaurant, the movies and house hunting. ?Also getting take out from our favorite restaurant and renting a movie at home.” -Deb

” Something adventurous but not too scary- like kayaking! A picnic along the way with some wine, then be able to freshen up and go out for a beautiful dinner full of all the goodies!” -Brit

“It would be something like evening kayaking.” Davina

“Casual dinner and a walk on the beach or park.” -Steph

“hmmmm….either a romantic picnic, or a really nice dinner date where after we walk around the city/town and then go to a coffee shop. ? those two are my favs” – Carly

“The beach at night, fire, a glass of wine, connection and conversation with the sounds of waves in the background.” -Gigi

“I think mine would be like going into the city, going to the museum and just exploring/walking around and then finding a place to eat! :)” – Renee
“Hmmm…beach, firepit, blankets, guitar seranade, great wine, poetry…etc ?” -Heather

In all honesty, I was surprised at how romantic the guys were!! I love it!! My ideal date night is getting super decked out, hair, makeup, cute outfit. Going to a really yummy restaurant, getting dessert and then heading home and just hanging out! What’s your ideal date night look like?! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!!

Ruthie xoxo

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden (thrifted)

Bag: Urban Outfitters

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    What a beautiful dress!! You look beyond stunning from head to toe. Xox

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      You’re amazing!!! Thank you dear!!!!

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    I love this background you always use, where is it?
    And you always have such unique ideas for blog posts – I love this one!
    xo Annie

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      Thank you Annie!!! This is just a wordpress layout!! I try girl!! It’s not easy! That means so much!! Thank you love!!!

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