If I were to be completely honest, I am struggling at the moment.  Judah turns 4 on Sunday, Ava is talking to me about sports bra’s and Savannah’s been singing in a falsetto that would make you faint. My kids are growing up and I can’t stop it.  Ben and I have looked at each other more times than we can count this week alone, and have said  “Oh my gosh, they are so huge!!”  So is life.  I remember when they were newborns and old ladies would say to me “Enjoy it!! It goes by fast!!” And I just wanted to say, “Listen lady, I just want to sleep!” Now I’m approaching my mid 30’s and I just want to pause time.  My phrase for this season is ‘Take it all in.’  Last weekend Ben was home, I was home, no one had to work and we just spent the entire weekend together as a family.  We explored our city, drank latte’s and ate yummy food.  It was dreamy.

Ok, enough of me being a total sap mom.  Earlier this week our Skechers arrived at the doorstep and the kids went crazy! To try to explain to the them that they couldn’t wear them until we took pictures wearing them, was extremely difficult! We have all been living in these shoes since they arrived.  I love that the kids can play in them at the park, yet look super stylish and cute for school or a family outing.  Ben and I are so in love with our retro styled Skechers.  They are comfortable and practical which is so key while running around throughout the day.  I remember being in middle school and being extra jealous of my friends that had their super cool Skechers that I couldn’t afford on my 25.00 a week pay check from my paper route! lol But here I am today, rocking my retro’s and feeling pretty great about life… the nostalgia.  Sarah Schweyer Photography captured these sweet photos of my family.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Happy Weekend friends!! Much love,

Ruthie xo

skechers- family
skechers- red
skechers- family
skechers- couples
skechers- blue  skechers- 2016

skechers in action
skechers- Ruthie Ridley
skechers- siblings
skechers- family

skechers- mixed kids
skechers- mixed children  
skechers- love skechers- father and son  skechers- cute
skechers- Ridley
skechers- Men fashion

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    God gave you the most beautiful family! How adorable do you guys look in your new sketchers?!?

    Mariam | The Petite Bijou

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    Jessie Lee

    I am so in love with these pictures! What an incredibly gorgeous family. And LOVE your clutch 🙂

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    Cute shoes, cute kids, cute family!

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    I love Sketcher shoes. I bought a new pair to take with me to California and that is all I ended up wearing while we were out walking and walking and walking.

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    I LOVE this post. Such a beautiful family!!


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    Can your family be any cuter?? I wear Skechers to work out and they are so comfy. Loving all of your family’s sneaks, but specially yours and your oldest’s. Have a happy weekend!

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    I can’t even handle the cuteness in these pictures! How cool to all be involved with the Skechers campaign!? And the picture of your ‘boys’ with their foot on the wall?!!?! OMGSH! Love this, Ruthie!!! xox, Kristin

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    Jen Gialoyrakes

    Omg Ruthie!!!! I just love your family! These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Loving the Sketchers. And as always I love the sappy mom stuff!!! I need all the advice I can get. Xoxoxoxoxo

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    Oh gosh.. What a beautiful phots! You have such a good looking family. You all look incredible amazing! 🙂
    Happy Friday! Xoxoxo

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    Kait Elizabeth

    I love how these pictures came out love!!! Your whole family is looking amazing. I’ve been following along on SnapChat and the kids are such a riot. Hugs, Kait

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    Logan Can

    Your kids are adorable! I love Sketchers! They are so comfortable and all of you look great in them!

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    Your kids are SO cute! I love these photos. Your outfits are perfect.

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    What an adorable family!! The photography is beautiful. Sketchers have definitely come a long way!

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    Amber Hill

    1. Your family is absolutely adorable!
    2. I am OBESSED with the color of your Sketchers. So cute.

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    Oh babe you make me laugh. I love reading all your posts and how rad are these shoes. What makes them even cooler is seeing your entire clan sporting them.

    Sovanny x

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    OMG I CAN’T WITH YOUR FAMILY!! You are all such beautiful people inside and out. These photos are everything and capture the amazing spirit that you and Ben have instilled in your kids. I love this shoot so much. xo Annie

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    So stinkin cute!


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