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Me trying to do this stretch/move. You’ll see Kat crush it a few pics down!


This morning Kat and I wanted to introduce you to an fitness apparel line that has us swooning! 1/2 the battle for me getting to the gym is gathering gear that will motivate me & make me feel comfortable during a workout, all at the same time! Senita athletics does just that. We have been so impressed with the quality, wear and design! The pants stay over our tush and don’t slip off during a workout, which is huge for us!! For so long I stuck to just a few brands for work out clothing, just because they had the big name attached and truly I didn’t seek out any others. I’m so glad we found Senita Athletics and have been able to add them to our fitness wardrobe! I’m in this gear as long as it’s clean!! Lol
As you can see in the photos below, Kat and I got outdoors for a workout!! We both find it beneficial to change up routine for both motivation and results! Finding a workout partner is key as well! Here are a few workout ideas for training outside in the fresh air:
senita-athletics-fitness-apparel- workout
Star Jumps
senita-athletics-fitness-apparel- excercise
Ready- Set- Go
• SPRINTS – 30 second burst
• STAIRS – up and down twice
• PLANKS- 30 seconds
• BOX JUMPS (use stairs) X 20
• WALKING LUNGES X 20 each leg
Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes OR REPEAT X 4 
senita-athletics-fitness-apparel- ruthie ridley blog
“Box Jumps”
senita-athletics-fitness-apparel- details
Mesh detail
senita-athletics-fitness-apparel- Kat Kunde
 senita-athletics-fitness-apparel- girls
What do you like to do for workouts outdoors?! Hiking and bike riding is a blast as well! There’s something about being outside that takes a workout to another level for me! Happy Friday friends! As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!!
Kat & Ruthie
senita-athletics-fitness-apparel- push ups
* Be sure to head over to my IG for a SWEET giveaway with Senita Athletics!!

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    Lovely ladies and cute workout gear! I love these posts!


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    This activewear looks amazing! And you two look fab during your box jumps!!! Get it girls!!

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    A Graceful Life Blog

    You two look amazing! Loving the workout gear. I just took a photo of the ready set go and will try it this a.m! xo

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    Laura B

    Love this activewear line! Such a great giveaway!

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    The Golden Girl Diary

    Your fitness apparel is always on point! I love the mesh pants…I have been looking for some for quite some time now!

    xo, Amanda |

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    what great work out tips. Its always better with a friend. Great workout looks too. Your pictures are amazing. wish I looked that good working out.

    Lindsay | sell eat love

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    I love those gray and black leggings and the fact that they have pockets!!

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    This is giving me major work-out inspiration! I LOVE those outfits – looks like such great quality too!

    xo, Shelby

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    I literally live in active wear and i love these looks!


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    Damn girl! Those are some powerful pictures! Have a great Friday!

    Xo, Nicole

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    Laura Marie Vila

    These workout outfits are so cute! Wish i could workout like that! haha 🙂

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    Those leggings are totally cute! I love fitness posts, they inspire me to get up and outthere. And a cute workout look is just icing on the cake!

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    The Style Lynn Life

    You BOTH crushed that stretch!! I need to try out this brand!! xo, Roselyn

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    You both make working out look fun and good! I agree with you, getting ready to go to the gym is half the battle and it’s SO much easier when cute workout gear is involved! You’ve motivated me to head to the gym today. Love this post my friend!

    xo, Michele |

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    Omg! You girls are killin it in more ways than one! How can you look so adorable in work out clothes?! Senita Athletics really has done a great job…I need to check it out. INSPIRING!

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    Anna English

    I love a good pair of leggings, those are fab!

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    I am going to have to try this workout! Your outfits look amazing!

    Here’s The Skinny

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    Great post! Definitely motivating me to work out! <3

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    Y’all are too cute! Love the apparel, it looks so classic and streamlined but still so cute! And those moves girl- get it! I need to get out like this more. Love that you get a good workout in without stepping in a gym!

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    Werk it! This gives me motivation! I have not been active in the gym in a long time and I am married to a personal trainer! I need to get my lazy butt up! You look fab while doing it too!


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    Adaleta Avdić

    This post is super fun, and cute, no doubt about that. It is fun knowing you have a cute workout attire since it makes a big difference when it comes to working out. Definitely helps to motivate me a bit more! xx Adaleta Avdic

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    aida zhan

    This post totally motivated me to go for a run tonight! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know workout clothes could look so chic! xx, aida

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    I love the apparel! It looks so comfortable! A great workout outfit makes all the difference!

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    I wish I could wear workout gear all day every day! Finding nice looking, good quality, and affordable active wear can be so hard sometimes, but once you find that brand that provides all those things you become so addicted to it! I’ll be sure to check out this brand you mentioned 🙂

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    Linda Quinones

    Obsessed!! I feel the same way, I’m always searching for gear to make me feel good. You ladies are seriously killing it, major motivation!!

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    Kait Elizabeth

    You ladies are killing it!!! Ruthie I love your shoes so much babe. Hugs, Kait

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    All Things Big and small blog

    Dang! I love all the cut outs and yes, you ladies are totally killing it!!

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    Such cute pics. I’m so glad neither of you slipped on those green stairs.
    xoxo, erin |

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    Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Love the mesh details! Looks like you had a great workout – good for you! Now that the weather is “cooling down” here in Phoenix, I’ve started hiking again. Love being outside, too! Thanks! 🙂

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    Heather Johnson

    You two are just killin’ it again!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this gear and the cool detail on those pants is absolutely incredible!!! You two also look amazing working it out… I typically look like a drowned rat, lol, which is hardly blog or Insta-worthy!
    Love this post my FAB friend!

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    sounds like a great workout!!!! I love working out outside. I love both of your outfits they are so cute!

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    This is all SO CUTE and those are great workouts! I feel the same way – I’m way more motivated if I’m comfortable and feel a little stylish in my workout clothes.

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    Taryn N.

    I LOVE that athletic wear! Plus you guys looked so cute!!!

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