Rags To Raches: The Original Kid Romper

Ok guys, honestly… how cute are these rompers?!   They make me feel like I have babies again! No diaper butts in them, but they are still in a “onsie” and I think it is adorable! I was sad when I discovered that there wasn’t a size big enough for Ava, although I think she is quite happy not to wear one! Still SO cute!! I have been surrounded lately not only by dreamers, because that in and of itself is HUGE, but by doers.  People who take an idea or don’t like a certain situation and do something about it to create change.  I am SO fully inspired lately and I am overwhelmed with the thought that really, there is no limits if you put your mind and actions to something!   When I tell you I was totally honored when they reached out to collaborate, that is an absolute understatement.

Let me introduce you to another BOSS MOM, Rachel… Here is her story:

“This whole venture started in May of 2014. I first started with tees and eventually came up with the romper, which has proven to be our premier item. As a mother of a wriggly toddler, I was over putting my little dude in one-pieces with snaps at the bottom. I loved the idea of a one piece but hated the hassle. So, I created my own. I wanted something that was comfortable and practical, while also being stylish. I felt that the piece I made fit the bill. Immediately I shared the piece with my Instagram friends and the response was amazing. I started selling more pieces and found myself sewing around 200 rompers every three to four days. I started to realize there was a demand for this product and people loved it as much as I did so I hired a manufacturer. I started from my parents’ basement, then moved into a house, hired a couple people and ran the business from my garage and bonus room. Now we are in a warehouse and just hired a company to take over fulfillment. I am designing clothes AND raising a family.”

Now as if that was not enough, they were featured in British Vogue twice. They have been guests on Shark Tank. American Vogue included them in ‘What the Cool Kids Are Getting This Holiday Season: The Most Stylish Gifts for Ages 0 to Preteen’, The Huffington Post nominated them for the ‘Top 15 coolest kid brands in America’ and they were just ranked one of the top 15 fastest growing companies in Utah. Soooo yahhh, see what I mean… Boss mom, killing it, living her dreams!! Below are just a FEW of her amazing rompers and tees.  See more here.  Thank you all as always, for stopping by the blog! Have an amazing weekend, y’all!! Much love,


Ruthie xo




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    Nicole Fuentes

    Your images are beautiful <3 And yes! those rompers are perfection! They remind me of something out of a 1920's novel. Love love love.

    Nicole Sometimes

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    Those are so cute!! The kids look so adorable! XO

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    Love this post, and these beautiful babies! They sure can rock those outfits! <3

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    Linda Petersen Spiker

    Cute rompers and cute kids!

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    Oh my gosh, so stinkin cute!! Your babies are adorable ? and so are those rompers!
    Happy Friday Lovely!

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    Lindsey Lutz

    Rachel really is one of my #bossmom heroes! Her story is AMAZING. These pictures are so gorgeous. Great post momma! xoxo

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    Heather Johnson

    Oh my goodness. I can’t even. These are the CUTEST rompers and you seriously have THE cutest most photogenic little ones ever Ruthie! What an amazing collab and story – congratulations on such beautiful work – I love the post my friend!

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    They are adorable! I would love to get one for my daughter. CUTIES


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    This seriously makes my heart melt. This brought back memories of my Mom who wanted to be known as “the cool Mom” among me and my friends when I was younger… and you my friend have NAILED IT. Your kids must think you are the bomb dot com and I hope that I can when I am a Mom, I can be just 5% as awesome as you! LOVE THIS POST! xo Annie

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    Shann Eva

    I LOVE those rompers. They are so cute, and look so comfy. My boys would all love them. Your kids are adorable little models.

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    This is so adorable. Ruthie, you have such a beautiful family!

    xo Mariam

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    These kids outfits are adorable.

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    So yep, the rompers are cute just as you described, but OMGut could your kids be ANYYY cuter?? They are just too cute!

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    Karin Rambo

    I love these!! So cute! And your kids are equally adorable.

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    Kait Elizabeth

    Soooooo cute! That one pic of Judah is my fav of him! SOOO much attitude. Hugs, Kait

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    Obsessed with these lil munchkins!!! SO adorable and little naturals!! Love this photos!!



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    Oh my goodness!!!! Soooooo cute!!! I’m dying ❤️❤️
    GORGEOUS kids too


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    Ela (@WunderBliss)

    Okay first of all your kids are absolutely beautiful! Very blessed. U seem like the coolest mom and I love how stylish they are. Can’t get over how adorable those rompers are

    Hope you’re having an awesome weekend Ruthie:-)


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    OMG that’s some creativity, I mean how cute are these rompers and amazing collab/story! The kids seem to be having a ton of fun, so adorable and I absolutely loveeee the last pic. You are one super-cool mama.
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

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    Literally cannot get over how stinkin’ cute your kids are!! They are GORGEOUS, those smiles! They look so happy! Love that story of the collab, since I LOVE Shark Tank, so cool.
    xx, Lo

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    Omg, I cannot get over how adorable your kids are and they are natural born models!! Love this! Xo, Roselyn

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    Beautiful pictures. Your kids are just the cutest! 🙂
    Love, Raysa

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