I believe that getting goals on paper is always a good first step in actually moving toward a goal. The last time I did a post on goals was back in March so I figured it’s time to get on one of those again!!! There’s so much I want to do, and so little time but I don’t think it never hurts to talk about things we want to accomplish.

Today I’m going to share with you a few of my personal goals as well as my blog goals for the month of October:). It does happen to be a pretty busy month as I leave for Canada this week and my mother-in-law arrives from the UK!!! Whoohoo!!! We are pretty excited about both!!

october-goals- ruthie ridley blog

october-goals- sole society

•Go to the gym between five and six times per week. I recently started to go to the gym again every day before work around 5 AM, and on my days off with the kids. I have felt so good doing that but I really want to continue. It isn’t anything crazy but I find just moving that makes a difference.
•Read more. I have never been a reader I don’t know why I just don’t love reading. I’m going work on getting a few audiobooks that interest me an arm for personal development. Please leave any good suggestions below!
•Take each of the kids on a one on one date.  Ben and I try to do this periodically and it has been a long time since we’ve been able to do that with the kids. We both take turns taking them on one-on-one dates and it is such a special time. I love my one on one time with the kids because I get to discover more of who they are not surrounded by their siblings.
•Start working on my Christmas list. This is around the time of year that things get crazy and time goes by quickly!! Christmas will be here before we know it!! I am going to have the kids write out their lists and I’m going start picking things up at the store.
•Get ready for Thanksgiving. This year I am going to be hosting a lot more people than usual. I believe we will have a total of 12 adults!! Not everyone will be staying overnight, but everyone will be eating with us. Luckily my father-in-law and Ben’s cousin will be cooking! I am not the best cook!
•Get to a pumpkin patch. Ben and I work opposite shifts so getting a day together as a family is extremely hard! I’m even thinking about pulling the kids out of school one day just to go!!!

october-goals- bohoblu boutique

Blog Goals:
•Blog 3 times per week. I have managed to shoot the remainder of my blog posts for the month, recently. I have a series going at the moment for new moms with guest bloggers posting each week. Every Friday will be covered by a guest blogger:)
•Start working on my holiday newsletter! This will be my first newsletter ever and I want it to be good, so I need to work on it now LOL
•Start researching new themes for my blog. I will have a blog makeover for January and so I need to start looking at themes I like.

october-goals- maiyet bagsoctober-goals-ruthie ridley

I think that’s enough goals for now!! I do plan on re-addressing them in November on the blog and letting you all know how I did! Now onto this dress! This dress is the most cozy, soft, easy wearing piece I own at the moment! Bohoblu have some of the most stylish, quality, timeless pieces I have come across! This dress is called the “Ruthie” dress! How cute?! Definitely flattered! To be fair, I love to throw on dresses like this on a day-to-day basis. Cute, comfy, easy! So, what are some goals that you have for October!?! Thank you as always for stopping by the blog!!

Much love,

Ruthie XO

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    Great goals for October! You’re making me want to get to the gym more! 5 to 6 times a week is impressive girl!!

    xO -Steph

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    Nina L

    Such good goals! Getting to the gym is definitely the hardest!

    xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

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    Lee Anne

    Setting goals are so important, love this post! And I adore these shoes 🙂

    Lee Anne

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    I love these goals! I love setting new goals each month.

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    Love your goals! I need to start going to the gym between five and six times per week too! It’s so easy to get out of the habit. You look lovely girl. I am seriously loving those heels.


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    Taylor Aube

    I need to get back to the gym more and read more also! I love how posts like these motivate one another! <3

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    I totally agree that writing down your goals makes them seem so much more attainable! Loving all of yours–especially taking each kiddo on a 1-on-1 date; so fun! Not sure if I’m most obsessed with those pumps, that classic bag or your super comfy dress! Great combination 🙂


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    All of these goals need to be on my to-do list as well!! Especially going to the gym!!! ugh

    ps. love those shoes!!!

    xo Kelsey | http://www.chasingcinderellablog.com

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    aida zhan

    I’m totally gonna steal your list of goals! You are beautiful inside and out! <3

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    Those are great goals! I think I’d have to quit my day job to have any chance of completing goals like yours, but they are definitely things I would love to do. Writing down your goals is the mark of a successful person.

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    Firstly, I am LOVING those shoes! So cute! I just re-did my blog design and it’s still a work in progress, but take a peek at Georgia Lou Studios and Pipdig. They have great templates.
    xo, Amanda

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    Nicole Leffew

    Holy cow 5-6 a week?! I’m lucky if I go 2x! Lol. My mom always did one on one dates with me and my sister and we loved them! I love your goals babe! Xo

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    Great goals! My favorite is your plan to do one-on-one dates with each of the kids-such a special time together! I’m also getting started on my Christmas shopping. I find doing it now relieves so much stress around the holidays.
    I also didn’t know you and your husband work opposite shifts-so do me and my husband! Would love to see a post down the road on how you juggle your marriage and manage your time when your time together is limited, if you’re looking for new content ideas!


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    I really really really love your dress!

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    Megan Wilson – Sweet Sauce Blog

    Killing those shoes!!

    Reading more is one of my goals. I’d love to see what you pick up! I’ll follow you to make sure I don’t miss. Love from a Style Collective sister!

    Sweet Sauce Blog

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    Life With Emily

    Really great goals for the month, Ruthie! I am a HUGE reader, so you can always pop over to my blog or insta for books recs (I’ll have an updated post coming soon!)

    I should really get started on my Christmas list this year!

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    Paola Nicole Fuentes

    Ruthie your shoes are killer! And I totally agree on the reading more goal, I’m supposed to be reading a book a month but I’m barely on number two, shameful.

    XO, Nicole

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    love love your outfit!!
    My gosh girl you have some awesome goals! Hosting thanksgiving dinner for 12 adults is insane!! I hope it goes well and you have a blast!! I love that you do one on one dates with your kids, that is so special.
    And seriously I can’t believe Christmas is already on people’s to-do lists!! It’s gonna be here so soon!

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    Jessica Sheppard

    Girl, you are ON IT! Getting to a pumpkin patch is on my list too. 🙂 Love the idea of having a guest blogger every week…I might need to add that to my goals too!!!

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    Tiffani at Breton Bat

    I swear we live the exact. same. life. I have mental goals VERY similar to these but I’m taking your inspiration and WRITING them down!! So, I am in the same boat as you in regards to reading, so I am ALL ABOUT the books on tape. I listen to one in about a one to two week period!! I just finished The Girl on the Train and LOVED it!! As soon as I saw the movie trailers, I knew I wanted to “read” it first!! And those shoes ???? Love the gorgeous pattern!!


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    I need to start setting goals for this season too! Love the pumpkin patch and workout ideas – need to get on those too!

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    Jen Nordine


    Love your goals! Great reminder for me to start working on that Christmas list! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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    Great goals!!! I love your shoes they are so cute. I may take them from you hehe. I hope you have an awesome October!

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    This is such a great list. I definitely need to start thinking about my Christmas list and be better about hitting the gym more often!

    Fizz and Frosting

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    I love setting goals for myself (it actually pressures me to check them off my list)! I usually just make a big list but I like how you divided it into personal and blog goals–need to get some of those in there before the year ends too! I’m loving your shoes girl–they’re gorgeous!

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    Kait Elizabeth

    Fantastic goals babe! You are such a busy #girlboss. I need to write out my upcoming goals as well!!! Love love those shoes!!!! Hugs, Kait

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    I love the idea of a monthly goals post. I wrote a list of goals that I would like to achieve before I am 40 (http://fiona.yoga/40-before-40/) but I think I need to do what you have done and set targets for each month. Otherwise procrastination sets in!

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    Awesome goals! I love reading too and have been trying to read more this year.

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    That dress is SO cute! I love reading your goals, too! I would love to get more reading in!

    xo Ashley

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    I love this idea! Writing down ideas always makes you more accountable! Definitely going to give this a try!


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    Amy Michelle

    Love the idea of making a lift of goals for the month! So inspiring!



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    You have so many exciting goals up ahead. I love the idea of reading more. I’m trying to do that, too. And yay for your first newsletter. I think it’s going to be amazing! Love that bag, by the way.
    Lauren Ashley

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    Janna Doan

    ruthie–hey superwoman! loved reading your goals, and just reminds me how lazy i am and don’t even have kids and there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD i will ever make it to the gym at 5am!! let alone 5-6 x a week?!?! HOLY COW. kudos to you. while you’re on the treadmill just channel it to me MMKAAAYY? also, the one on one dates with your kiddos are genius. taking notes for when i have my own! also, just drive yall to the pumpkin patch okay! i wanna see them snaps on insta! and lastly, how ironic is that dress named after you?! i still think the shoes should be too. we should write sole society. also, my book i read recently that i really liked was me before you! 😀 xoxo,

    janna | http://www.jannadoan.com

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    We have similar goals! Except you are actually doing them lol.. I need to do the gym goal and I and half way to the blogging goal lol. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Xoxo

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    I love the October goals! I’m a true believer in setting goals in your career. I usually to this every month for home goals and career too.

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    Jenny Blaisdell

    Good luck with your October goals! Also, loving your bag. so cute.

    xoxo, Jenny

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    Well rounded list – some of them are good reminders to me. Awesome photography – cool ensemble!

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    First of all, lusting over those shoes! And I think it’s so neat you make an effort to spend time separately with your kiddos 🙂

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    Jessica Weinberg (@whatsfordinesq)

    These are all such great goals! Love that bag and I need those shoes!
    xo Jessica

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    Your goals are lovely. We love that you’re going to start reading more, if actually sitting down with a book isn’t your think you can always try and audio book.

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    I love your goals, Ruthie! You look so beautiful, and I’m in love with your shoes 🙂

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    What great goals you’ve set! I’m so glad you’ve mentioned Christmas list. I really need to start thinking about that too. I’m always last minute and I feel like it’s not well thought out for any of us. Also, I adore your flats. You really have the best shoes collection!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

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    Amanda Rosson

    Wow, you are so ambitious!! I think I would be overwhelmed if I just set half of those lol. But they are definitely great goals and I wish you best in completing them! Also love your outfit! You look so beautiful!! Those shoes are everything!! <3

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    Erica @ Coming Up Roses

    That 1:1 date with your kids idea is PERFECT. I’m writing that down for wheneverwe have kids down the line!!

    Coming Up Roses

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    Love your goals! SUPER ambitious some of them, I admire you lol! Love that you and Ben do one-on-one dates with the kids… so thoughtful and I’m sure it means so much to them!

    xo Steph

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