Comfortable, Stylish Athleisure For Your Next Day- Date

Ruthie Ridley Blog Comfortable, Stylish Athleisure For Your Next Day- Date


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Ruthie Ridley Blog Comfortable, Stylish Athleisure For Your Next Day- DateRuthie Ridley Blog Comfortable, Stylish Athleisure For Your Next Day- Date

Dates with Ben are my favorite. In fact, if we had it our way we would go on a date at
least once a week. This is not realistic or possible these days! A lot has changed since
we started dating 12 years ago and have been married now 11 years! We have three
kids under the age of 10, demanding jobs and packed schedules!

Ruthie Ridley Blog Comfortable, Stylish Athleisure For Your Next Day- Date

For those of you who don’t know, Benjamin just finished the police academy in
December of last year and has been working on the force in training ever since. We are
so happy about this new career change for him, but with it comes new challenges like
an unpredictable schedule. Being a rookie you get the bottom of the barrel for your
schedule. Currently he gets a new schedule every month and that can range from
dayshift, to swing shift, to nights and can be during the week or over the weekends.
The schedule he’s about to go into, he will have days off during the week which means
that our dates will now be during the day when I also have a day off! We will now make
sure we get a date in while the kids are at school! I am looking forward to more coffee
dates and lunch on some of our favorite patio restaurants in the Sacramento area!
As much as I love dressing up I love dressing down as well! The athleisure trend is by
far one of our favorites in this house! We love comfort but we also want to look cute
when we are comfortable! It’s a great day when Ben and I get to wear sneakers,
leggings and joggers and go on our way!

I am loving the new Walmart campaign, We Dress America! There is something
for everyone in every occasion for every price point!! Walmart stands for non-
discriminatory prices and style that is original for all! Another thing I love as a big online
shopper is that Walmart has free 2 – day shipping on many items + free returns! No
membership fee required!! This is a huge perk for me!! I am so excited to continue to
share more items from Walmart next month! I will be dressing the entire family and I
can’t wait to see what they have to offer!Ben and I are wearing head to toe Walmart!

Our athleisure looks are both comfortablebut fully on trend! My favorite piece is Ben’s track jacket with the pops of neon green! You can shop both of our looks below.

Shop Our Looks:

Back Pack // Ben’s Pants  // Ben’s Jacket // Ruthie’s Capri’s // Ruthie’s Top // Ben’s Sneakers // Ruthie’s Sneaker’s 

All Photos By: Nicole Quiroz

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    You guys look so good in the training gear and I love your smile, it make me feel happy too. Congrats on Ben Police academy, that is another milestones. Hope to read more stories about your life. In some way, you have inspired me, I am not sure what it is, may be the positive vibe, your relationship or your smile.

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    Cristina Petrin

    There is nothing better with these beautiful days than doing outdoor exercise even better with clothing as comfortable as it is glam!

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    Great outfit and I love the photo shoot, looks like you had a lot of fun 😉

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    I love your outfits! You guys are so cute!

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    Laura || Walking in Memphis in High Heels

    This is such a fun photoshoot! I love these outfits, perfect for a casual day date exploring or hiking!

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    I super love your photos, both of you look sooo happy together, amazing.

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    Loved reading more about you guys! Both of these outfits look comfy and stylish (bonus that they are affordable!).

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    You guys are too cute! I love this look. It’s very similar to what I wear, but it looks so much better on you!

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    Sara Welch

    My go-to outfits are usually Athletic wear! Very comfortable and versatile, as well!

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    Beth Pierce

    Sounds like some durable clothes! I’ll have to check them out!

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    Laura Leigh

    Y’all are truly the cutest couple and I LOVE when you do posts together! Also, I cannot believe these prices – SO good!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

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    Yeah Lifestyle

    I love the athleisure trend – I like to wear it a lot as it is so comfy and stylish.

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    I love that you two prioritize date nights despite your busy schedules. These athleisure looks are so cute on you guys!

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    Sarah Lindner

    You guys look so cute and happy what a fun shoot! love all things athleisure so comfy!

    xoxo SArah

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    I am a huge believer in comfy and cute!! Big fan of athleisure for this reason, love both outfits!

    cute & little

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    You gUys are too cute! And you look so happy. I love it! 🙂

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    Comfy and cute! That’s what I want to be on a sate. And you’ve hit the nail on the head

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    lovely options and style. I started spending more time wearing athleisure items lately, I do enjoy it a lot. You two are so cute and romantic

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    You look amazing in this outfit. Comfortable and stylish. Gorgeous athleisure indeed for a cherished date.

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    I always love seeing your outfits! Great style. I love this outfit on you, it’s so flattering!

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    You two look adorable! Nice active wear. Can’t believe that this brand is so affordable. I’m definitely getting new sports wear.


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    How cute are y’all! I’ve been living in active wear and it’s the comfiest and trendiest i’ve ever been!

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    You guys are adorable! And I am loving your athleisure look. Now that I am a mommy I can relate to this style sooo much 🙂

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    Becca Wilson

    Now these are my kind of outfits! I love to see that the two of you keep it super casual when you finally get a moment to yourselves.

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    You both so cute! I love this style, athleisure sounds nice! I also love being comfy, although I’m not nearly as stylish as you are.

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