Wish lists + “Mint Wish”

Now that the kids are older and totally into the Christmas season, I love to hear what they want from ” Father Christmas!”  This year the kid’s lists are simple and precise. The main thing I think I will have another year to get out of, is all the animals they are requesting!! I am definetly outnumbered on this topic, but I am winning again… at least for one more year!

We all made lists this year! Some of it is realistic and some of is just fun to write on paper and wish about! My realistic, money saving hubby has requested a new pair of jeans and a Manchester United kit.  (easy- probably the only one in the house that will get everything on their list) Ava, my 6 year old wants a tree house, a cat and a new bike! Savannah my 5 year old, wants about 10 barbies, a barbie house, a doll house and a dog. Judah was super easy, he just wants a super hero costume and a cowboy costume! Lastly, I would like a king sized bed, a new watch, a new pair of Nikes and some new lululemon gear!! I’ll have to let you know who ends up with what on a later post!! I would love to hear whats on your wish lists! Please share:). Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

Ruthie xo

 Poncho: Mint Wish

Jeans: Target

Shoes: Amazon

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    I would love a new purse, more makeup and giftcards!

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    I would like to get rid of all
    My shoes and start all over by getting stylish but comfortable shoes.

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    I would love a date with my friend Ruthie ; ) xoxo

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    Joyce Davies

    Very cute top!! Yes, sometimes even we make wish that seem crazy but hey they say have faith like a child. God can do it all. Love you so much!

    Hugs & Love

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    Ela (@WunderBliss)

    I absolutely love ur style! The fringe on poncho is so unique! I’d definitely love some new Lululemon gear:-). I still haven’t made my wish list. I am on the hunt for the perfect leopard clutch though:-)


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    This fringe is beautiful! Love your style!!!! BYW, your comment about my blog layout meant everything to me! Coming from you especially.
    Xo, Shell

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      Of course!!! You inspire me!! Ignore my layout right now!! My blog is under construction. I can’t wait until it’s done!!! Xo

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