If someone were to ask you what your dream job was, what would you say?! In some ways to me this is a scary question. It’s scary because I have to be honest with myself. It’s also scary because I know that deep down what I want to do seems close to impossible and I don’t want to fail. By speaking it out loud or admitting to a dream, it in some ways places a pressure or an expectation that in my head must be obtained. (Type a, driven personality here) At least, this is how I feel! However, before I get into all my dreams and aspirations, let me share with you what I have been doing for the past 14 years.

I remember like it was yesterday, my junior year in High school. I was watching all the seniors graduate and the majority of them had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives. Growing up in a Jamaican home, you better know what you are going to do with your life by the time you are 11!! Just kidding, but no, really… you need to know fairly soon after that. I began to ask God to lead and guide me down the right path, having nothing in mind, just asking for direction. I really had no clue what I was going to be doing after I graduated the following year. Out of nowhere, the idea of becoming a nurse popped in my head. The only nurse I knew at the time was our school nurse and a close family friend. I began to ask every leader, mentor, and person I looked up to whether or not they thought this was a good idea for me. Everyone I asked said yes and so I decided I would move forward with this career path.

I started taking college courses on top of my regular high school classes at the age of 16. I managed to graduate early from High school and I immediately inquired about what classes needed to be done in order to get into nursing school. I got into a two year nursing program about 45 minutes from where I lived. The year I started was the year they launched their very first accelerated program. I thought if I am already suffering this much; I may as well speed up the process and get it over with.

I managed to get my RN at the age of 19. This was one of the hardest most challenging, pulling on God, pulling on faith seasons I have ever walked through. Anyone who is a nurse can attest to the inexplicable relief of completing nursing school and passing the NCLEX exam.

Since then, I have worked as a cardiac nurse, step down ICU, med/surg,and for the past 8 years I have been in Case Management where I help patient’s transition from the hospital to home or to an assisted living, skilled nursing facility etc. I can honestly say that I like going to work. I don’t dread it; I love who I work with, who I work for and what I do. Being a nurse has provided for my family in ways that would not otherwise be possible, especially with Ben being a full time student for 3 plus years.

Although nursing is an incredible career choice, if someone were to ask me what I would love to do for the rest of my life where I feel like I am coming alive and being creative it would not be this. Here is where I get honest, scared and excited all at the same time. My dream job/jobs would consist of fashion blogging, fashion line, personal stylist/shopper, leading worship/singing and the biggest,scariest would be a talk show!! EEEEEKKK!!!

What are yall upto?! What would your dream job be?! Thank you for stopping by the

Ruthie xoxox

2 business casual looks:

11821870_456613767860278_256001667_n 11249866_467461486760129_828450242_n


Look # 1: 

Dress: Anne Klien (Marshall’s)

Bag: Gucci (gifted)

Shoes: Vince Camuto (Marshall’s)

Look # 2:

Dress: EShakti

Bag: Kate Spade

Shoes: Nine West

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    Love both looks!! Amazing and stunning as always.
    Xox, Raysa

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      Thank you my gorgeous friend!!!

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    I love this! Its something i question a lot too.. Im currently adding more education in order to give myself more flexibility…i would love to do something that involves traveling seeing world experiencing new things! I also would love to be in a movie or tv show someday!

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      I could totally see that Rhoda!!! You are amazing!!! Xo

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    i just love your blog!!!!!
    ohhhh dream job….. hummmm……. trying to discover that at the moment!!!!
    you will for sure be a fashion designer/stylist one day!!! you are inspiration!!!

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