What You May Not Know: 12 Things About Me

what-you-may-not-know-12-things-about-me- ruthie ridley

what-you-may-not-know-12-things-about-me- linen dress

what-you-may-not-know-12-things-about-me- cross body bag

what-you-may-not-know-12-things-about-me- smile

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what-you-may-not-know-12-things-about-me- smile

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Early this week I was challenged by my two blogging friends Jessica and Jennifer to share 12 things about myself that people do not know on my blog! I love challenges like these and I love learning more about other people!! Below I am sharing a few tidbits about my life! Be sure to comment below if you can relate to any of them at all! 

What You May Not Know About Me Is:

  1. I am 32 years old, going on 33 in June.

  2. I got my tubes tied at 28 after I had Judah… Ben and I slightly regret that decision.

  3. I became a nurse when I was 19 years old.

  4. I prefer savory foods over sweet… I am essentially a fry addict in rehab!!!

  5. Ben was my first real boyfriend.

  6. The first car I purchased was a Volkswagen Beetle.  I bought it right out of nursing school.  I got the stick shift because it was cheaper.  I couldn’t drive my new car for a few months because I was paranoid to learn how to drive a manual vehicle.

  7. I have one sibling, my brother Stephen.  He is also extremely creative and works full time as a videographer.

  8. I have never broken a bone or been stung by a bee.

  9. I ran a half marathon with one of my best friends in 2012… first and last!!!

  10. I used to want 12 kids… especially motivated by the movie “Cheaper By The Dozen.

  11. My biggest dream has always been to be a talk show host.  My friends at church all me “The Oprah Of Sacramento” and that makes me leap with excitement inside!

  12. Almost 4 years ago Ben and I took a leap of faith… packed our belongings and moved from CT to California to be a part of the Jesus Culture Sacramento church plant.  Best decision we have ever made.  I don’t think I could ever leave California now!

So there you have it!! 12 things you may not have known about me!! A few bonus facts is I am still learning how to swim and I was born in Jamaica! Now you tell me about yourself!! On to this outfit!! Guys, this dress is linen!! SO pretty, comfy and I love the color blocking! It was literally perfectly made.  I received this dress from Soel Boutique! Prior to them reaching out I had never heard of them before! I love EVERYTHING in their shop!! Do yourself a favor and check them out here. My shoes are another Spring staple and a major go to! They remind me of my red ones and I love them so much! In my opinion they are the perfect Steve Madden Knock off and are less than 30.00! My bag is for one of the most amazing causes I have ever had the chance to be apart of! EVERY single purchase goes 100% back into helping orphans, widows and street kids in Rwanda! Uh, YES!!!





All Photos by: Nicole Quiroz

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    such a fun idea for a post! loved getting to know you a little better, and love this cute outfit!

    xo Emily

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    I love your outfit! Thanks for sharing more about yourself with us, such a fun read!

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    I love your outfit and reading more about you! I haven’t been stung by a bee either!

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    Love this list! And love that you took the leap of faith to move to California!!

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    I loved learning more about you! And I love that your husband was your first real boyfriend. So sweet!
    xo Jessica

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    A) I love your smile
    B) this dress is amazing. I’m always afraid to buy them thinking I’ll look like I’m in my pajamas even though everyone else looks great
    C) Thanks for loving people and moving to Cali

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    Wow- you have a lot of success! So brave to pack up and leave like that…I am trying to be more brave too and do scary/new things more often. And I have always wanted a Volkswagon beetle!

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    I’ve never broken a bone either! Knock on wood!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

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    Theresa Sutton

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog. You have a beautiful family! I was nice to get to know you. Looking forward to keeping up 🙂

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    Safaniya Stevenson

    Such a cute look. Also, interracial couple love! My husband was my first boyfriend too.

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    I had no idea you lived in Sacramento! I was born and raised in Stockton.
    Loved reading more about you!
    -xo, shell

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    Lee Anne

    Love this! And you should totally get into that Talk Show Host gig! Love your dress, too!

    Lee Anne

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    my birthday is june 8! And I am with you, I much perfer savory than salty. Oh man, fries are my go-to! PS this dress is darling on you!

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    this dress is just perfect for Spring and summer. it looks so light and comfy!

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    Linda Luke

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us. It was really fun to learn more about you.

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    Amanda Kruse

    I love how simple this dress is! I love learning more things about women behind their blogs.

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

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    Dawn P Darnell

    I loved learning more about you! Your dress is adorable too!

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    Such a great post idea! Loved learning more about you.
    xo, Laura

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    you’re such a babe! i am loving that dress so much!

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    Kindly Unspoken

    How fun! I think being a talk show host would be a lot of fun and I can definitely see you doing that! I’ve also never broken a bone lol. You look beautiful as always!

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    Love reading these! I’m a savory girl too!

    xx Mollie

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    Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    The “Oprah of Sacramento!” I love it! You look wonderful in the dress – it’s so cute and looks so comfy and professional! I’ve never broken a bone, either, knock on wood 🙂

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    Lauren Sheriff

    LOVE this look and wow what an amazing leap of faith going to Sacramento for a church plant!


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    Natasha Stoneking

    i love finding more out about the girl behind the blog… SO FUN!!!! great post and i love that dress on you

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    Hi Ruthie. I love this blog. It’s fun to get to know you more through this blogging. Like you i am a nurse too, i am currently practicing as a CRNA. xoxo

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    Amanda | The Golden Girl Diary

    How fun! Gorgeous photos!

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    Kimberly @ Berly’s Kitchen

    This is great to read and learn more about you! I laughed when you said you used to want 12 kids. So did I, and then I had one. I only had one. Lol!! No way I could do 12.

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    First of all love the dress! Loved finding out more about you!

    xoxo Mandy

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    This is such a fun post! Loved learning more about you!


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    Jessica Sheppard

    Love love love reading this and always learning more about you!!! Also, TALK SHOW HOST! YES! I totally see that. Go for it, sister! Also love how you guys took a leap of faith with moving to Cali…that’s such a huge encouragement!

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