I think so often about how God was with me when I made the decision to go to nursing school. Being a nurse has provided me so many opportunities, flexibility and open doors. I am in awe of everything I have been able to do, even while having a family over the past 12 years. I spent quite a few years as a bedside RN doing cardiac surgery, ICU, med/surg etc.

Currently, I have the privelage of working per diem in 2 different departements. The first one is Case Management. As a Case Manager you are responsible for ensuring that patient’s admitted to the hospital and that are receiving ongoing treatment, meet criteria to be in the hospital. In addition it is our reponsibility to assist in any discharge needs that may arise for patients as they are preparing to go home. For example: Equipment, skilled nursing facility, board and care, home health services etc. Case management is hard work, but I have found it to be extremely rewarding. The second department I work in is the Transfer Center. Picture a call center. We intake calls from surrounding facilities that need to facilitate transfers for patients that need a higher level of care, services that are not provided at their current facility and Mental Health placements from a few local Emergency Departments. I enjoy the transfer center. I love seeing people in need get the help they need and deserve. As I mentioned earlier I work per diem at both jobs. I am thankful that I get to fill in as needed for this season of our lives. The kids are still so young and are starting to get extremely busy with all their little activities, including Ava (6) being in first grade.

This week I am featuring Zvelle, a luxury footwear brand based in Toronto, Canada. The #9to9 collection is their first collection sold exclusively at Zvelle.com. “Zvelle’s debut collection is hand craftedin a family owned factory in southern Brazil using the highest quality materials, including ethically-sourced leather that is produced less than 100km fromt the factory.” The company takes pride in comfort and aesthetics and this is evident in their products! I am so glad to have had the privelage of owning a pair of these beauties my self. Shop the entire collection here. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Ruthie xoxo

Dress: Marshall’s

Clutch: Marshall’s

Ring: Charlotte Russe

Bracelet: Freestyle clothing exchange

Shoes: Zvelle

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    You look incredible!! These shoes are just gorgeous. I love mine. Love what you do for a living.
    I’m coming from a family where everyone has something to do with medicine.
    My dad is a doctor. My mom is a dentist . Also Two sisters, one is a nurse and the other one is a pediatrician.
    Thanks for sharing a lil bit more about yourself. So nice to learn more about you!!
    Much love dear!

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      No way!!! That’s so cool!! I love getting to know you better! Thanks for all your love and support. You are a rare gem!! ?

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    Jen Gialoyrakes

    Ruthie, it is so awesome to work with you! You always make me laugh and I look forward to the days that I see you on the schedule. You are so amazing and have no clue how you do what you do everyday with a smile on your face alllllllll the time. Truly one of a kind! One day I hope to have as much style as you.

    Annnnnd I love reading your blog! 🙂

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      You are so kind to me!! Thank you for your sweet beautiful words!! I love working with you and miss you so much!!

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    Art Becomes You

    Your skin!!?? everything on point ??


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      Thanks so much!!!

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    Joyce Davies

    Lovely look! You always find some great finds when your out shopping it has me wanting to take a chance on Target and Marshalls. I love how you talk about God using you and the passion to be able to work both jobs, blog and be with your kids Your such a phenomenal women. I love it!!!

    Hugs & Love

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    Kait Elizabeth

    You are so inspiring love!!! Hugs, Kait

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