Who doesn’t love Annie?!

Last weekend I took the girls to go see the new “Annie” movie with a friend of mine and her two girls. Now originally I heard that the movie had pretty bad reviews, and it did, I read them for myself. So I was going into the film a bit leery. (I will preface this next statement with the fact that it doesn’t take much to get me.) I literally started crying from the first scene. When you mix music that connects with you, a kid that resembles your eldest and just the natural desire as a mom to want everyone in the world to feel loved and wanted—-you’ve got me. I cried throughout the entire movie. At some points I had to ask myself “are you PMS’ing!?” I felt like the emotions were out of control! When I wasn’t crying, I was laughing hysterically and punching my friend in the arm because of Jaime Fox and his crazy mannerisms and comical statements. To me Jaime Fox is SO funny… I mean, so funny. Maybe not as funny to the others in the theater, as I realized that most times I was the only one belly laughing and repeating lines to my friend. Whoops! Anyways, I won’t ruin the movie for you and I will let you form your own opinion, but it was good for my soul, not to mention that my girls had a lot of clothes featured in the film from Target! They loved that!

Apparently the “Annie” line at Target is in direct correlation with this movie… A-dorable. I bought the girls a few items from the line a few months ago and you will see them below. At the time I had no idea that the line was connected to the upcoming film – silly me!

About my outfit clearance steals below! Back at Christmas time I was at the mall and decided to head into one of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters. Much to my surprise, their clearance section was totally legit. Usually their clearance is 25.00 and up. The dress below was 9.00. It is the most comfortable dress I have ever owned. This purchase was a win and is sure to last me years! The vest was a piece that I was looking for, for a while but I didn’t want to pay the money. Most vests that I had been looking at were at least 30.00, which is really inexpensive for most people, but when it comes to trendy items I don’t want to pay full cost! I got my “snow white” vest at Target for 10.00! Woot! The shoes I am wearing are nearly 4 years old and I LOVE them. They were bought on the clearance rack at Kohls for 12.00. Win, win, win.

Phew! That was a mouthful! But, before you go, I would like to leave you with a brief reflection. At the beginning of a movie the hubs and I were watching last weekend, across the screen flashed this quote “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain. Ben and I looked at each other and shared a “wow” moment. Got me thinking and, more importantly, praying that I would be aware of what I was placed here for and function in it that fully. Until next time!

Ruthie xoxo

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Three girls

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Ruthie

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Vest

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Hugging girls

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Girls on tracks

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Savannah

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Three ladies

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Girls outfits

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: dancing girls

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Savannah's pose

Watch, wear, love the Annie movie: Ava running



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    Such cute pictures, and I absolutely loved that movie! I’m pretty sure I cried everytime they started singing a new song xox

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    Robin Molnar

    I love the Urban dress! It looks so comfy.. This shoot by the train tracks is gorgeous… And so are you girls! You articulate yourself so well, Ruthie. I feel like I’m drawn in to your life and family reality. I feel more inspired to get out there and find those affordable treasures.. I love you, and I wish I watched the Annie movie alongside of you. I’m sure I would’ve been laughing and crying too ?❤️

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      Robin this comment brought tears to my eyes!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write these words of encouragement!!!!! I love you!!!!

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