Tie Dye Choker Dress + Coffee Date Vol. 1

Let’s go on a coffee date!! If we were to go to coffee, what would I talk about!?  Coffee dates are my favorite.  One, because I LOVE coffee, (I never understand people that don’t) and two, I love to connect with people, share what’s on my heart and hear what is on theirs. If I were at Starbucks I would order an almond milk latte with 2 pumps of sugar free cinnamin dulce.  If we were meeting at Peet’s Coffee I would order a green tea matcha made with almond milk.  What is your drink of choice?tye-dye-chats-over-coffee- choker dress

I would share the following:

  • I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet.
  • One week in this month I will be working 8 days in a row and I am not looking forward to it!
  • My kids have been sick for the past 5 days, they are all taking turns.
  • The kids will be writing letters to “Father Christmas” this year.  We have never had them write a list but they are old enough now.  We also have never left out cookies and milk.  We will do that as well.
  • My 11 month old black lab is partially trained but still manages to dart and run away from us at least 4 times a week (the neighbors are tired of it).
  • I want a new couch and I want it to be blue!
  • I don’t drink enough water.  I am really working on at least a liter of water a day and will go up from there.
  • I have been going to the gym 5-6 times per week and have been incorporating a lot more weights which feels great.
  • Our gym got new spin bikes and I want to try them out.
  • My parents still live in CT but my brother and I are here.  This time of year is always the hardest without them. We are dying to have them out here.
  • I have some really exciting news coming down the pike for 2017 and I cannot wait to share!!

tye-dye-chats-over-coffee- clare V bag

tye-dye-chats-over-coffee- pockets

Thanks for meeting me for coffee!! What would you share?! Thank you as always for taking the time to read the blog!




My Exact Dress Can Be Found Here.   Can we talk about the choker detail, the pockets and of course the tie dye!? Not to mention this dress is SO comfy!! I absolutely love Bohoblu!! My Bag Can Be Found Here (absolute favorite). My Watch Can Be Found Here. Use Code ‘RUTHIERIDLEY’ for 15% off your next Daniel Wellington Purchase.  My Shoes Can Be Found Here.



More Choker Dress Inspo:


Shein Choker Dress // ASOS Lace Choker Dress // Nordstrom Rack Velvet Choker Dress //  Forever 21 Choker Dress


Have an amazing week!! Much love,

Ruthie XO



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    I love this dress on you! You look fab!

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    You look so cute! I love that velvet dress you linked to, too!

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    Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

    This dress is so cute. I’m loving the choker dress trend. And yeah I need to hurry up with my Christmas shopping too. Where did the time go?!

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    Love this dress so much!! You look gorgeous!

    xo – Steph

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    I need one of these choker dresses!! I see them all the time and love them!!! I especially love this one!

    xo Kelsey | http://www.chasingcinderellablog.com

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    I love this modern tye dye dress on you! It looks so fab and that choker style is sooooo cute!!!

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    Tiffani at Breton Bay

    Love this concept!!! So many things to chat about!! I wld order a chai latte from Starbucks, (weird non coffee drinker ??), I am making a conscious effort to drink more water, I think we’d exchange ideas on what to get our kids for Christmas and then I’d pick your brain regarding fashion and blogging!!!


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    Amanda | The Golden Girl Diary

    NEED that dress in my life! You seriously kill dresses. They always look so amazing on you no matter how you style them!

    xo, Amanda | http://www.thegoldengirldiary.com

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    Obsessed with those pockets! I would tell you allllll about my dress with pockets obsession! Because it is so real.

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    Ruthie!!! You look so good, i love that velvet dress.

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    Jessica Sheppard

    You are AWESOME! Loved my coffe time with you, so creative! You are so easy to connect with and get to know…that’s a gift! Killer in this choker, tie die dress, I need those heels…fab style!

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    Tailored and true

    So cute!! I love the look but I love even more the coffee chat update! Let’s actually grab coffee someday, yes? Happy holidays love that shopping list will come together in no time <3

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    Loving that style dress, and the color looks great on you!


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    I love this dress! The pattern is so fun! I loved learning more about 🙂


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    Nicole Echelberger

    The cutest cut out over!

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    Lee Anne Benjamin (@leeannebenjamin)

    I love this! And your dress is so cute, love the choker neck detail.

    Lee Anne

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    The Style Lynn Life

    This dress is so cute and I wish I lived closer to you!! I wanna have a coffee date! xo, Roselyn

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    That print is so fun!

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    This dress is perfection, and so cute on you! Adding it to my wish list lol. Loving the long sleeve dress trend, along with all the great things on this one.
    I miss coffee dates with you! You are the best coffee date EVER!!!
    Let’s see: I ordered all my kids Christmas presents from target.com in one shot when they were having a 30% of toys sale. Haha they are still little so it’s probably easier to shop for them. They have had a mild cold for like 2 months straight, they were over it for a week but I think kids church brought it back.
    Quinn is so into music and dancing/singing lately. You’d crack up at her!
    I need to work out so bad, but haven’t been able to find a good winter routine. I hate going to the gym, but maybe if I met with a trainer a couple times I can get a better idea what to do. I asked for some work out dvds for Christmas to the working out at home!!!
    I just switched some stuff around in my house and since we have no closets on the first floor we just bought lockers of Craigslist!! I’m in the process of painting them and we’ll probably bring them in over the weekend! I wish you could see in person!
    I start playing keys on the worship team again in 2 weeks!!! Can’t wait!
    Miss and love you!

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    Nina – the HSS feed

    This is a great look and I love the coffee talk. I need to get my Christmas shopping going, as well and my to do list is far too long lately!

    xx Nina

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    What a cute idea for a post! I’m excited to hear more about your exciting news for 2017:)! And prayers up for no more sick kids!

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    Shelby Back

    I love this tie dye frock!


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    I love the colors in this dress! Your lip color matches perfectly!



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    You look so beautiful in this dress. I love these facts about you-coffee talk is the best! Can’t wait to hear your exciting news in 2017! I hope your kids feel better soon. xoxo

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    I love this dress! I actually don’t like coffee (i know, i know…) but am quite the tea enthusiast! xoxo

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    Beautiful dress! You look so pretty!


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    I love this dress!! It screams 90s (hello choker and tie-dye!) and I am in love. 90s are back baby!

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    I agree! I love coffee and never understand how people don’t haha! It makes me feel better you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet-I’m definitely behind! Hope your babies feel better!!

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    Cute tie-dye dress!

    xo, Kristina

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    Nicole Fuentes

    Girl how have you not started your Christmas shopping yet?!?! Since you love coffee (as do I) go get a Venti and get it done haha Hope your kids get healthy again soon.

    xx, Nicole

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    such a cute and unique dress and love your accessories!

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    Ashley DTKAustin

    This dress is one of my favorites!! You look so fabulous my friend!

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    Ashley Zeal

    I love anything with a choker! Looks amazing on you!!

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    You look amazing in this dress – looooove me some tie dye!


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    Mindy Thompson

    Love love love this dress! Such a great print!

    Mindy I amixofmin.com I Instagram.com/amixofmin

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    Cute dress! I’m so boring, I like basic black coffee.


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    Anna Cobbs

    You look so gorgeous and this dress looks amazing on you!!

    xx – anna

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    This dress is so cute! My drink is regular drip coffee, or a mocha!

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    Kait Elizabeth

    Love this list! I haven’t done any shopping yet either…. yikes! You are killing this look btw- majorly fierce. Hugs, Kait

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    I have the same latte order!! Coffee dates with girlfriends are the best! And this outfit would be perfect for one

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

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    Such a chic dress! It looks so comfy too! The colors are so pretty and would be perfect for mixing and matching all year.

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    This dress looks amazing on you!

    Love your sharing section! Hope the kiddos get better soon! And good luck with working so many days!

    Xo, steph

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    What a fun dress- I love the swing style

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