Thanksgiving Traditions:  What’s on your menu?

It is amazing how much changes over time and how with your own family, you develop and create traditions that get passed down for generations to come.  Growing up, we didn’t have a ton of close relatives living near by so we always did Thanksgiving with close friends.  Some times this would be the one time of year, all of us would end up together in one place, at one table.  It was always a time filled with laughter, jokes of years passed and plans of the future.  In the same way, Ben being born in England and having family out of the country he always spent Thanksgiving with friends.  The day after Thanksgiving he and his family always went to the Vivian’s house.

Fast forward a few decades.  We moved to California going on 3 years ago now.  Since the first year we moved here we have spent it with one of the son’s of the Vivian family and his wife.  Every other year we go to LA where they live to spend Thanksgiving with them and every other year they come up to Northern California and spend Thanksgiving with us! We really look forward to this time together every year!

It is our turn to go down to LA this year  and we cannot wait! We plan out what we are going to make wayyy ahead of time and it seems to stay pretty similar from year to year.  We keep it simple but we do what we love and we make what we are good at!  Here is this year’s menu:



Bacon baked mac and cheese

Sweet potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Green Beans

Home made stuffing


An assortment of pies (Dessert)

This is a normal Thanksgiving meal with a few small adjustments! Yummy, right?! What is on your menu?! What are some traditions you do that have been carried on for years?!

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Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! Have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Ruthie xo

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    I can’t go without apple pie and fruit salad for Thanksgiving! This sweater looks amazing on you! You are gorgeous Ruthie!

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      Thank you Shell!!! You’re the best!!!

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