This past week I went through the kids drawers and got rid of anything small and anything that was for the Winter/Spring season.  Lets just say that after doing that, my kids wardrobes were extremely depleted.  With triple digit temps I knew short sleeved tee’s weren’t going to cut it for these guys.  I was on the hunt for tanks and shorts.  After organizing their closets, I said “guys…. we are going to Target”.  That’s a daily statement in our house so there was no surprise there.  I remember walking into the store and praying actually, for favor and sales! I recall telling myself to try and spend only 20.00 ( completely unrealistic ), but in Target sometimes crazy things like that do happen!! I stumbled across a few tank tops that were 2.50 each.  I lost it! “GUYS!!! These are all on sale!!!!” I screamed to the girls.  ( Judah was running around the store making a mess )!  Long story short, I hit Target on the right day.  I scored 8 tanks and 2 pairs of shorts for 40.00.  2 boys tanks for J, 3 tanks for Ava and 3 tanks for Sav.  I was thrilled.  This does not often happen and when it does, these items are usually off the beaten path on a side shelf, away from all of the main clothes.  I strongly urge all of you Target shoppers, never pay full price for any clothing.  In a weeks time the clothing will go on sale.  Its extremely depressing to pay 20.00 for a pair of shorts only to find that in a week or two they are 5.99.  Last week I got swim suits for the girls for 5.99 each.  CRAZY!! Patience pays off in this case.  When kids are growing like weeds and you don’t have a money tree in your back yard, you have to be strategic and smart with your spending.  In my case I have to wait it out, even when I want something cute for them right away and when I am in there, taking the time to look everywhere.  Even in more obscure spots.  Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! I hope you have a great rest of your week!!

Ruthie xo









** All clothing and shoes from Target with the exception of Judah’s shorts (Kohl’s) **

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