Embroidery + “Soul Food” Part 1

Last year I started off the year with a 20 day bible study by Havilah Cunnington called ” Dream Chasing God’s Way.”  It was the perfect way for me to start the year and I found the study to be so timely! This year, Havilah released another study.  This one is called Soul Food.  It has been such a treat to watch and listen to her as she breaks down the word of God and applies it to every day life in the most simple and practical way! It has been ridiculously refreshing! It is  a goal of mine this year to listen to one podcast per week.  So far I am on track with this goal but I am a little behind on the study! I have completed 10 of the 20 days! Thankfully, the free study will be available until the end of February! Make sure you get in on this goodness!!

soul-food- movement

Here are a few highlights: Words By Havilah Cunnington

Day 1:  Nourished– In order to live wholeheartedly and to be able to give out of a place of plenty we must know how much we are loved and who we belong to. We need those needs to be fed by God every day.

Day 2: Whispers– The one lie the enemy would love for us to believe is that God is not as good as He says He is. He will never come out and lie to us. He will twist the truth. 

Day 3: Eating–  If we are living from an orphan heart, our primary narrative is, “I MUST get my needs met.” It speaks of being alone, abandoned and that the ‘table’ is not full. The heart of a son isn’t looking for quick fixes or fast food; he knows His Father’s table is full and abundant.

soul-food- skirt

soul-food- walk it out

 Day 4: Shame– Shame is an invitation to reconnect with God come out of hiding, confess your sins to the Lord and be reconnected to him.

Day 5: Covered – While Adam and Eve’s bellies were full and they were battling shame, God was already preparing another ‘meal’ that would undo the damage they had done, heal all of humanity and satisfy their deepest hunger.

Day 6: Another Meal– The disciples thought they were setting up for just another meal as they prepared the Last Supper but God was setting up a heavenly exchange that was going to change the world. What seems ordinary could be symbolic of a miracle God is about to do on your behalf. Watch, ask, wait and expect. He might be about to turn it around.

Day 7: Belonging to a Father– He is the Father who runs unrestrained towards us with fierce love and unending forgiveness and mercy. He can do this because of the sacrifice of Jesus. Enduring the cross ‘for the joy set before Him’ wasn’t just the joy of Him being reunited with His Father, it was for the pleasure of knowing you and connecting you back to the Father in heart to heart intimacy.


soul-food- Ruthie Ridley

Day 8:  Belonging to a Savior– Chew on the bread that gives life, and you will never be hungry. Drink of the wine that never runs out and your thirst will be quenched. What Jesus offers will go much deeper and last much longer than any ‘meal’ the enemy tempts you with.

Day 9: Belonging to Heaven– “The fact that our hearts yearn for something earth can’t supply is proof that Heaven must be our home.” – C.S.Lewis  When Heaven is our home, we don’t fear death. Death is only a moment, but our eternal life will go on forever. Heaven is real.

Day 10: Belonging to a Family– Jesus lived with the disciples as family and He served them. In that way He showed us that church is not an event or a hierarchy, but relationship. We serve one another as members of His family, the Church.


soul-food- ruthie ridley blog

Isn’t that some really good stuff!?!!  I am loving this study! Each video is no more than 7-8 min long!! So perfect for on the go! I am planning on finishing up the study in the next week or so and I will share with you highlights from those days as well!! As I had mentioned earlier on in the post, the study doesn’t end until the end of February and is free! SO, sign up and get your study on! You will not regret it! PS.  This post is not sponsored by Truth to table or Havilah, this is genuinely something I am enjoying and had to share!! Let me know what y’all think!!

On to this super fun outift!! I am crazy into embroidery these days!! Both my top and this skirt are designed with some of the prettiest embroidered flower prints.  This button up top can be dressed up or dressed down! It is super comfy and looks cute tucked in or left out! This skirt is perfect for brunch with the girls or a date night with your man! It fits like a glove and has the best wool material! I paired this look with my favorite wine colored booties at the moment! They are on mega repeat!!  Last but not least, this bag is my bag of the season! It goes with everything and can fit my entire life in it!! What are your thoughts on the embroidery trend at the moment!?! Hope you all have an amazing week!!  Much love,

All Images By: Sarah Schweyer

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    First of all, I love the outfit. Anything with embroidery in it, I’m sold. As for the podcast, it does sound interesting. I like listening to the gospel and it truly is spiritually filling. I will give it a try!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

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    Sara Essop

    I used to do embroidery when I was younger and had more time. It always looks good. I love the bag and the shoes too/

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    Saprina D

    Definitely will be adding this to my listening quench’s. Such a beautiful concept. Thank you for sharing.

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    Ashley DTKAustin

    I always love seeing embroidery! It really brings back childhood memories!

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    Anna English

    Love that embroidery detail Ruthie, so fun!

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    I love the skirt and u look really happy in it!

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    Erica @ Coming Up Roses

    I am OBSESSED with each and every post where you share FAITH, Ruthie! I needed to read this today. I need some serious time with His word today to feel back on track.

    Also that hair whipping pic. LOVE.

    Coming Up Roses

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    Hi Ruthie, I love the embroidery on this outfit! Thank you for sharing your experience with Soul Food 🙂

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    I saw this look on Instagram this morning and thought it was so pretty. You look amazing in that skirt girl!

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    loving your cute skirt and those fab booties!

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    Ruthie, thanks for sharing Truth to Table. Sometimes applying the word of God to real life seems impossible (for me at least!). Can’t wait to start it!

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    Ashley Zeal

    Love love love the embroidery!

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    The outfit is absolutely beautiful especially the skirt. Too bad it is too cold here for me to wear it but I wouldn’t mind rocking it in spring.

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    LOVE how you paired up the embroidered top and skirt! Such a cute look.

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    Lee Anne Benjamin (@leeannebenjamin)

    Love this look so much, that embroidery! Also, this podcast sounds so good I think I’ll have to check it out.

    Lee Anne

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    Ruthie you look so pretty!! I am in love with that dress.

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    I love the embroidered detailing on that blouse!

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    Sharon Wu

    That embroidered top is sooo pretty on you babe. You’ve nailed the look! xo, sharon


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    LOVE this post and all the beautiful embroidery in your outfit!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

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    I love this! Thanks for sharing xx

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    Debbie Savage

    I love love love how you styled this outfit! The top is perfection! Thank you for sharing your message too!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

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    Alexandra Mucenieks

    Loving the look.

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    Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Your podcast highlights are really relevant. Thanks for sharing! And also, of course, love your look! The shirt and booties are IT!

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    Loving all of the embroidery, but your boots are stealing the show!

    xoxo Mandy

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    I love the embroidery detail! You look stunning!

    xO – Steph

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    Brittany Daoud

    Absolutely love that embroidered top! Fun details definitely add something extra to a look!

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    Nina L

    I’m loving that embroidered top, so cute!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

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    Jessica Sheppard

    SO good, so good, so good!!! All of the detail on this outfit, too. SO GOOD.

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    The embroidery is so pretty, love the skirt!

    xo, Kristina

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    Super cute top! I love how popular embroidery is!!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

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    Dede Raad

    This combo is killing it girly!

    xx Dress Up Buttercup

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    Your pictures are great! Love how you styled this look.

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