I am so honored and proud to introduce you to guest blogger, 26 year old, entrepreneur and #girlboss Delesha. She is sharing about her company and the importance of water and our children’s futures. 

As an experienced Corporate Communications professional, Delesha Bingham is the founder of SMARTY PANTS WATER. Beyond corporate engagement, she is an adventurer — having travelled to numerous destinations throughout her life. She explains her passion for children and SMARTY PANTS WATER by saying, “I wanted to make a change in the life of children. Creating a product that was educational, enjoyable and all around healthy was very important to me. We have the capacity to drink, eat and generally live better…and we should”. 
Keeping the definition of a Smarty Pants in mind, SMARTY PANTS water was created to enhance developing children’s learning and assist them with outwitting the adults around them.
More than half of children between the ages of three to twelve years old are not adequately hydrated, which decreases their abilities to learn and increases their risk to obesity. Hydration and learning is connected, yet often unacknowledged. SMARTY PANTS water is the only bottled water company to highlight the important connection. We specialize in the most important segment of our population; children – our future.

Each premium 360ml bottle is assembled with water from one of the world’s most pure and natural springs based in Quebec. We engage children with drinking water by pairing 3D illustrations and fun facts to get their little brains cognition flowing! We call it our “bottle of knowledge”. We want to ensure children are not only learning, but have access to pure and natural spring water at all times.

 “Adults have countless options for water beverages on the market. Why don’t children? I’ve decided that it was time to take action and create a product that is prominent, premium, one that would infuse both health and education. We at SMARTY PANTS water want to be apart of the village that raises children. We will shape a healthy and well-rounded childhood!” – Delesha Bingham, CEO

It’s more than bottled water – SMARTY PANTS water is a child’s source to health and education.

So what are your thoughts on SMARTY PANTS WATER and their mission?! Please share and be sure to check out more on what they  are doing for our kids here.

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    Tia @ FinanciallyFitandFab

    What an awesome product and mission! Hopefully this product will encourage children to drink more water at a young age.

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    Nicole Leffew

    Wow, way to go Delesha. What a great idea and cause! That is so amazing! And Ruthie where did your hire those adorable little models 😉 lol! As always you have the cutest kids around! Xo Have a great Wednesday

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    This is a fabulous idea and cause! Your babies are so cute!

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    Jessica W

    Such a great idea! The kids are so cute!
    xo Jessica

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    I love this story and I just can’t stand how cute your kiddos are!! They look like they had a BLAST at the beach and had so much fun.
    xo Annie

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    Life Lutzurious

    Thank you so much for introducing this wonderful company to me! I am horrible at drinking water and am trying to instill the importance of water in Asher early own. Beautiful post! xoxo

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      Life Lutzurious

      Early ON

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    Love Smarty Pants!! awesome mission, thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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    Mariam (The Petite Bijou)

    What a great mission and a wonderful organization! Your kiddos are too cute!

    xo Mariam | The Petite Bijou

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    Kristin Kruse

    Total #girlboss and such a great mission!! Could your kiddos be ANY cuter?!!? You can just see the love radiate between them…you’re one blessed mama!


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    My son loves Smarty Pants Water! He enjoys sharing what he learns after drinking lol I just pretend he’s giving mom new info!

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    Hel On Heels

    These pictures are adorable! What a great mission.

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    Ok this name is great!!! But I am so in love with your beautiful family!! These picture of your children are just so adorable!!

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    What a cute post and I love the message behind Smarty Pants Water. I wish I could get my boys to drink more water because I do agree that kids need to stay properly hydrated especially with our active they are. Your kids are adorable and I love that last shot! Xoxo

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    Kindly Unspoken

    How awesome! Such cute photos too!

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