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Happy Thursday friends!! Today I am wearing a new release from Evy’s Tree!! I’m so excited about this piece as the temperatures begin to fall rapidly here in Northern California! Although to be honest the temps have been ranging anywhere between 50-90 degrees! For the most part it has been cooler and that has been lovely! I’m headed to Canada next week and this is exactly what I’ll be wearing on the plane and throughout my trip! 

The hoodie has a knitted hood as well as a knitting on the inseams of the front. You can use the pin to sort of style the hoodie any way you like! I love this neutral color as it can be worn with anything and is again, perfect for Fall! What are some of your favorite Fall pieces in your closet?! Almost Friday!!! Thanks for stopping by!
Much love, 

Ruthie XO




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    I love the black and white! You look so great!

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    Chels (@InspoIndulgence)

    You’re beautiful! Love your sunnies!

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    Shelby Back

    I love this cute, casual fall look! That bag is so cute too!


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    Love that knit! Looks great on you! kimballandkedzie.com

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    Lee Anne Benjamin (@leeannebenjamin)

    You are always so styling, girl! I love this knit top, too cute!

    Lee Anne

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    I love the white and black! So classy!

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    Jessica Sheppard

    You are the most gorgeous model ever! Seriously…you look amazing and your hair…I’m loving it and this look. Have a great time in Canada!

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    You look so good Ruthie! I love that cardigan looks so comfy!


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    This look is adorable! I’m loving fall sweaters too, and can’t wait to start pulling out some of my scarves as well! xx


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    You look so good in this pretty winter white! The Diana is one of my favorites!

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    Erica Valentin (@EricaValentin83)

    Love that sweater…..classy look!!!!!!!! I wish I was traveling somehere cooler !!!!!! ATL is just too hot right now!

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    What a beautiful fall look! That hoodie looks so cute and comfy… and most important…. very cozy!!!

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    Keating Bartlett

    This outfit is too cute! I WISH it was more fall-like here in San Diego. We just moved from Maine to Cali and I must say, it’s making me miss Maine (and I HATED growing up in Maine haha). I have such a wonderful fall wardrobe, but it’s like 80-something degrees here haha I’m hoping I’m able to wear it over the winter, but we’ll see.

    xo, Keating | Hello Lovely

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    Carmen Baguio

    I love how you styled this look. Very chic!

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