Sometimes I still can’t believe I am a mom.  I stop and look at the life I live and feel like its all one big dream.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege I have been given to raise these 3 wonderful babies. They have added so much to my life.  It is all very difficult to put into words.  Although sometimes challenging, I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything.

Nothing brings me more joy than to watch my kids grow, learn and morph into who God has made them.  Each of my children are so radically different from one another and I love to see what makes them who they are.  Everyday has turned into a learning experience.  Learning how to listen, love them and just be there.  I love to watch their interactions with each other and how they show love.  I love observing their different forms of play and creativity that make them come alive.  I am finding myself more and more wanting to slow everything down, hit the pause button and savor every single moment.  Time is literally flying by and I fear that I will regret trying to rush through some of these more difficult seasons in raising children.

One of my biggest fears is that my kids will grow up and want nothing to do with me! LOL I know, it sounds ridiculous but I more than anything want to have close relationships with my kids throughout every season of our lives.  I fear that other things in this world might draw their attention, and that their desire to be with family will diminish as they grow older.  Which is all possible and really quite normal.  I think for me it is the realization that one day I am going to have to let go and let them be who they are called to be which may and will include less time together etc. With that fear, I often pray ” Lord let us be a family that is close all the days of our lives.” I want to be close to my kids but there is a healthy balance of space that I really value as well.  Life is so short and family is so important.  Bottom line is I need to stay thankful, live in the moment and give my fears to the Lord. Thank you for stopping by the blog today! To all you moms, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

Ruthie xoxo



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Jumpsuits: Target

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    I love the honesty in this piece! So inspiring, thanks for sharing!

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      Rhoda you’re sooo sweet to me!! Thank you so much!!! ?

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    Jalyssa Richardson

    Happy Mother’s Day sweet mama! Those are some blessed babies!

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      Thank you so much dear!!! You are always so kind to me!! ??

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