When I say this vacation was a dream come true, it truly was. There is no exaggeration that this place is simply heavenly!! We had an opportunity to go to Hawaii this year with our best friends as a part of their baby moon. We stayed at a friend’s home and got to interact with the people of the island. The time had couldn’t not be imagined ahead of time! Kona exceeded our expectations. I hope you enjoy my “brief” summary of our stay below!! ❤️
We flew Alaskan airlines and they served Mai Tai’s on the plane prior to landing! No food was provided however,so the first stop was a hearty meal at Harbor House. We all got fish and chips and turkey burgers!! So good!!!

It was about a 45 min – an hour trip to the place we were staying after landing. This is the pebble beach walking distance from the home.
Day 2: all settled in and ready to explore!! Hapuna Beach…

Hawaiian coffee… Just #yes
Coffee, beach, packed lunches and shaved ice on the way home!!!
Plant/flower love : I seriously couldn’t get enough!!!
Our second evening out we experienced “poke” (raw fish) at “Da Poke Shack” for the first time and ate it right on this beautiful beach as the sun set Seriously dreamy!!!

Everyday Alayna and I did some form of excercise. She’s in better shape than me (pregnant and all)so I had to do my best to keep up!! Below is a few shots of the 3 mile hike we did one of the days.

My ankles hurt after these hikes. Super rocky and filled with hardened lava. Loved every minute though!!!

Day 3: We visited one of the 4 olive green sand beaches in the world! To get to the beach itself, was a memorable experience! It was a three mile ride through hardened lava and hilly terrain(15.00 a person). The vehicle we were transported (1985 Gmc pick up truck) in was bound to break down at any moment and our driver was an absolute comedian! I will never forget this experience! I can’t wait to take the kids back.

For those of you that know me know that water and I aren’t really friends. My husband talked me into getting into this water and I felt very confident doing so until the waves swept me under, I got knocked onto my feet and I lost my wig!! ? yes. I lost my hair and was horrified!!! Lol we recovered it but that was one of the most embaressing moments of my life!! I can laugh now!!!!! ?

Directly after this escapade, the guys decided they wanted to jump off of this 40 foot cliff.
That’s my very proud husband hanging off of that ladder after successfully jumping!!

Next stop: Black sand beach, coconuts and homemade penne a la vodka by our very talented Alayna Marie for dinner! We mainly packed lunches and cooked in for dinner twice!

Day 3: Snorkeling at “two step” & the most amazing fresh juice in the world!!

Our last night in Hawaii we ate out on the water at this gorgeous restaurant called Ray’s on the ba

Gotta try Mai Tai when you’re in Hawaii!!!

(My favorite and most memorable capture of our trip)

Our last day was spent at the house relaxing and on the pebble beach in Captain Cook where we were staying. The days seemed to last just long enough and we all got good rest (with the exception of Alayna in her 3D trimester)! I missed the kids pretty badly and cannot wait to take them back one day!! Overall our time in Hawaii was unforgettable and I’m so grateful for this incredible experience!!! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! Much love, and if you can, get to Hawaii!!

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Ruthie xo

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    Aww haha that’s actually not too embarrassing at all because on the upside it made for a great memory!! Lovely photos 🙂

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    Kait Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness! This looks like heaven, and you look gorgeous! My husband and I might be stationed in Hawaii in a year; this made me look forward to it a little bit more! Hugs, Kait

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    David Pflieger

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    Joyce Davies

    You guys had so much fun and it’s so beautiful. I cant wait to start traveling. Its so amazing how many places are on this earth. Love it. I’m definitely with your husband jumping off the cliff into the water. Epic. So, happy you had fun.

    Hugs & Love

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    Umm you forgot the part about non stop messaging me while you were away! LOL but seriously, WOW this trip looks BEAUTIFUL!!! So glad you got to enjoy some much deserved time there
    xo Annie

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      Hahaha!!! This is so true!! Love ya babe!!

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    This Jenn Girl

    This looks like such a wonderful and adventurous trip! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed 🙂

    Jenn | http://www.thisjenngirl.com

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