I had the lovely privilege of collaborating with the beautiful Katie Torwalt this month.  Some may only know her as an incredible singer/songwriter/worship leader, which is she is, but Katie is also an amazing stylist and fashionista. I love her and her husband Bryan’s music and how they lead worship, but I am also so drawn to her sense of style. We got to spend the day together shopping, eating, talking fashion, doing makeup and a fun photo shoot together.  Check out my interview with her below, and how she styled me for spring! Such a fun day! Stay tuned for future outfit posts, styled by this fashion queen!! Thank you Katie! Xoxo


1) How does your everyday look differ from your stage look?

My everyday look is actually probably more experimental than my “stage look”. When I am home I have access to my whole closet and can be more spontaneous with my outfits.  It’s easier to blog and keep up with my Instagram too. On stage I wear more layers and usually stick to darker colors. I have found over the years of traveling and leading worship that having some great well-fitting basics makes packing a lot easier for trips.


2) What are 2 must have staples in your closet?

First favorite would have to be my black leather jacket. Its warm and can edge up all my everyday looks. I love pairing it with a midi dress or skirt and a chunky silver necklace. The other fave would have to be some black booties. They complete almost everything I wear.I actually probably own like 10 pairs! They are my kryptonite!


3) What are your top 2 or 3 online shops and why?

I would say ASOS.com and Forever21. ASOS makes shopping online easy and I find their site is really easy to use. You can pick your price range, specify exactly what style of items you are looking for and shipping is free both ways. I buy a lot of the dresses I wear onstage off their site. I love Forever 21 for trendy pieces and accessories. They are constantly adding to their site and I love checking the ” New arrival “section to find stuff before it gets in stores!


4) What is your favorite season to dress for and why?

I like fall in California. Its just getting chilly outside and you can start wearing more layers and scarves. Lots of tours are usually during the fall too and that is fun to shop for! 


5) Have you mastered the art of packing to travel?! Do you find that you pack lighter or on the over-prepared side for traveling?

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, but I have learned a lot over time about packing. Like I mentioned earlier, I think sticking to some well fitted basics in a certain color story helps me save time and effort in both packing and putting outfits together. For me its black, white, grey and blues right now. It changes though! With each outfit I usually add a statement piece to bring it from basic to classic with an edge. It could be a hat, necklace or a cool embellished jacket or kimono. All that to say, I am still into over packing rather than risking being under packed and wishing I had more options and clean clothes! (In my best Jimmy Fallon voice “EW”!)


6) If finances and resources were not an issue, what would you do in the Fashion Industry if anything at all?!

I would love to start my own fashion line in the future or at least a curated collection of special pieces I have found. I recently designed some basic tee’s for our tour last year and I loved getting to pick the exact cut and color and print. I wear the shirt all the time and love seeing other people with it on too! 

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Katie’s Outfit-

Dress: H&M

Necklace: Forever 21

Purse: H&M

Shoes: gojane.com

Sunglasses: Aldo


Ruthie’s outfit-

Sunglasses/top/skirt/purse: H&M

Shoes: (Nine West) Marshall’s

Makeup by: Katy Goldstein

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    Jalyssa Richardson

    This may be my favorite post on the internet because both of your instagrams are my faves! Gorgeous ladies! Keep the cute outfit ideas coming puh-leez!

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      Thank you gorgeous!!!!!!!

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    Absolutely LOVE these looks! You guys have me STOKED for Spring <3

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      Yay!!!! Thanks so much lovely!!!!

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