Happy Birthday Savannah |6

Mommy and me shoes

Birthday outfit
Savannah turns the big SIX tomorrow! To be honest, in my mind she’s been 6 for two years! Can’t wait until she wakes up tomorrow to all of her balloons and presents! Ben and I took the day off of work. I will volunteer in her little class and we will share fun cookies! After school she has a nail and froyo date with her little bestie and then we will go out for dinner as a family! Just so you get an idea of who this little 6 year old is:

 • She can read and write very well. 

 • She’s in kindergarten. 

 • Family is everything to her. 

 • She’s a very loyal friend. 

 • Savannah will often times unload the dishes before anyone else in the house wakes up. 

 • She is a middle child. 

 • Savannah is your ultimate helper. Whatever you’re doing, she wants to help. 

 • She will often times separate laundry for everyone in the house. 

 • Our dog Charlie (9 month old lab) has run away a few times, just from the door being left open and every time she was the only one running down the street after him, asking the neighbors for help. 

 • Savannah is a gymnast. Her inspirations are Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas. She starts team gymnastics this December. 

 • She loves modeling, taking pictures and wants to be on tv one day. 

 • She’s the second mom in the house. 

 • She got her ears pierced last weekend with grandma for the first time 🙂

Help me wish Savannah a happy birthday and thank you as always for stopping by the blog!! Much love,
Ruthie XO
Our Kimonos: Haberdash Soul Co

My Dress: Fancy Frills Boutique

Savannah’s outfit including shoes and bag: Target

My Shoes: ASOS
All Photos By: Mikayla Christine

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    I love that I’m starting to get to know your family too. Your daughter Savannah is just as beautiful as you are. Definitely a mini- YOU. She has her own sense of style. Looks like she already have a brighter future. Xoxo

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    Happy birthday to sweet Savannah you are so sweet can’t wait to sweet what God has for you

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    Morgan Klein

    She’s gorgeous and you both look amazing. These matching outfits are sooooo cute!

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    Jessica Weinberg (@whatsfordinesq)

    You both are gorgeous! Happy Birthday! Love your outfits!
    xo Jessica

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    Nicole Leffew

    I LOVE HER!! She is such a doll. What a fun birthday! You’re such a good mama Ruthie! I love your matching kimonos 🙂 wish her another happy birthday from your blogger friend in Ohio! Xo

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    She’s such a special little girl! You two are so adorable together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3

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    Happy Birthday Savannah! She is so precious and the two of you are just beautiful. I hope she has a wonderful birthday! Xoxo

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    This is SO precious!!! What a pair you two are!!! Love your outfits and your daughter sounds like a GEM! My oldest will be six soon and I could already cry juts thinking about it! Hope your family has an extra sweet day tomorrow!

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    Ashley Carrington

    She is just the absolute cutest! Love your matching outfits!

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    Dylan Benjamin

    This is a cute post, Happy 6th Birthday! These are some great fall pictures.


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    I am so impressed with your daughter! It’s like pulling teeth getting my kids to put away dishes or fold laundry. She is a beautiful girl (and so are you!). Happy 6th birthday!

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    Krista Williams

    She’s the second mom in the house 🙂

    Love her!
    So so cute.

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    this is the absolute cutest. she’s your mini me!!! adorable!!


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    lesley sullivan

    Your outfits are darling! I hope she has an amazing birthday! And kudos to her for unloading dishes in the am- that’s impressive!

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    Happy Birthday SWEET Savannah!!! I adore the matching red shoes…so so cool to do that with your GORGEOUS daughter!! And I love the list of “about her”…she sounds like an amazing little gal…must have learned from an another amazing woman!!!


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    Aww happy birthday to Savannah!! You two both look so adorable! I love your striped dress!


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    Aww happy birthday to your daughter!! She’s so cute!! And I love your dress! I have one kinda just like it 🙂

    xo, steph

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    Pretty Weird Bombshell

    Happy birthday Savannah darling! She does have this wonderful smile. Her fashion sense, I know she got it from you. Hope she had a blast on her special day. Kisses for the birthday girl. xx


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    Jessica Sheppard

    What a gorg birthday girl! Happiest of birthdays sweet Savannah! You def look like a little princess. I need you to come to stay with me awhile…what a great helper you are! Loving you ladies in your lovely red combos! Those matching dusters are adorable with your heels and boots! Sure wish I were there to celebrate with you! Birthday blessings from Texas sweet Savannah! Xoxo

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    A nail and froyo date?! Sounds like the perfect day! Happy Birthday Savannah!

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    Happy Birthday Savannah and good job mom she seems like a sweetheart.

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    This is precious!! Love your matching looks and her little swan purse!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

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    Nina – the HSS feed

    Happy Birthday little lady! I love how cute and fashionably coordinated y’all are here!

    xx Nina

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    What a beauty – just like her momma! I LOVE your matching outfits – so darling. Also, love your sweet list about her. Hope she has a wonderful day! ?

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    Wow, she’s such a cute angel. You both look awesome together. Love the pictures. Love your matching ensemble. My girl is about to turn six too, and this is such a cool idea to borrow from you 🙂
    Wish your little one a very happy birthday and a beautiful year ahead!

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    Happy birthday to Savannah, she is so adorable! I’m obsessed with your shoes and love your coordinating outfits. 🙂

    xo Brie

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    I loved learning all about this little one! She reminds me of myself when I was younger. I SO wish that I could have met her when I was in Cali! Next time! Happiest of birthdays to Sav Joy! xo Annie

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    I LOVE the mother-daughter shoes pic! My mom and I took a photo like on my wedding day and it’s still one of my favorites from that day!

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    Anna Cobbs

    Your daughter is beautiful!!! I hope she had a fabulous birthday!!!

    xx – anna

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    Wow! You must be so proud to be Savannah’s mother! She’s beautiful and these outfit photos are gorgeous!

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    January Hart

    Happy Birthday, Savannnah!!! SO sweet!! Love reading about your sweet family, Ruthie! You two make such beautiful pictures together!! xo

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    Such a cute birthday girl and hope you guys enjoyed the day!

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    Such sweet shots of the two of you! Love your dress so much too!

    xoxo Mandy

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    Life Lutzurious

    Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Thanks for sharing this, Ruthie!! You are such an inspiration!

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    This is just too sweet for words. I love hearing little bits about her. She sounds like such an amazing little girl and will for sure be an amazing young woman someday! You are SO blessed, my lady. I’m obsessed with how cute your family is!!! Ps. That dress was made for you!!!! xo


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    Mindy Thompson

    She’s so precious! Such a cute post!


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    You two are the cutest and the coordinating outfits are way too fun!


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    Aww happy birthday to your little one, she sounds like quite an amazing kiddo! Hopefully she continues unloading the dishwasher and separating laundry for years to come haha.


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    Amanda | Glitter & Spice

    Love love love your matching sweaters!!! Also that dress is gorg. Happy birthday to Savannah!!!
    XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com

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    Superbly iliaminutlng data here, thanks!

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