Happy Birthday Judah + Target Giveaway!!


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Happy birthday to my beautiful son!  Today he turns 5!! He was a c-section baby and I could have had him on a leap year but Ben and I decided to do Feb. 28th instead!! I’m telling you this is probably the hardest birthday so far! It is official that my son is growing up. A couple months ago when we started to register him for kindergarten it started to hit me hard that he was no longer a baby. In the past few weeks I have watched Judah mature into a little man. In the past, I would ask all the kids to clean up their room and Judah would just be in the corner with his trucks and his toys in his own little world, doing his own little thing. Now he cleans his room, puts away his clothes and is able to do just as much as the girls! I can’t get over it. He has also turned into quite the Gentlemen. He always holds doors for me, he always waits for me, he is always thinking of me. I absolutely love my girls and there something special that I have between them but I love my boy and there something special between us. More and more I cherish his hand holding, kisses on the cheek and cuddles on the couch. I can’t pause time but I can do everything in my power to cherish every single moment! Happy birthday to my sweet boy, never stop being so sweet… I love you.

All Photos By: Mikayla Christine

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