I find it very difficult to pull away from my family. With working part time and being involved in so many different things, I have a hard time taking time solely for myself. At the same time, I love “me time”,  but two hours away is usually sufficient! Ben works extremly hard during the week so anytime he’s home I like to be there for him and tag-team with the kids. We’ve got a pretty good system worked out and we both end up winning!

Having said that, my girlfriend Lindsay, had an idea for Mother’s Day that sounded so lush!! I chatted with Ben about having “a day off” and he was all about it. Of course I got into planning mode and began asking him what his plans were for the kids, and he kept saying “don’t worry about it!” So the day before Mother’s Day Lindsay and I took a day to ourselves. A day of self-care and relaxation! Here’s what we did…

I started the day with brunch at my house with a bunch of the ladies from my church! They all must’ve known my love language was flowers because they brought me more than I knew what to do with! My heart was so full.


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After brunch our first stop was massages!! Lindsay had previously gone to this place with a few friends of hers and said it was to die for!! Sure enough it was!!! Best part… 60.00 for two hours!! What in the world?!?!? Amazing!!!

After our massage we headed up to peets for our favorite coffees. Mine is an almond milk latte, but I had them add one pump of mocha because I was in a “treat yo self” kind of mood! Lindsay gets a black Americano. Hot. How, I don’t know!! Loll

Next stop- Amador county!! I cannot believe we live so close to wine country. Ben and I normally go up to Napa which is gorgeous and amazing, but it’s about 2.5 hours away. Amador is about 40 min away and lends the most gorgeous drive ever.

Our first winery was “Sobon Estate”. One of the only winery’s to not shut down during the prohibition era. I so love hearing about the history of these winery’s!

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IMG_7246 IMG_7253
Most of the winery’s in Amador are open from 11-5 or 6pm so we only had time  for one other vineyard which was fine with me! ( I’m a one glass of wine type of gal! ). Next stop was Renwood. We discovered that the owner was one of the top billionaires in the world and owns several winery’s abroad!

IMG_7034 IMG_7247

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Our last stop was Taste Restaurant. Lindsay had made reservations 2 weeks prior and when I got there I saw why!! The food was INCREDIBLE and reasonably priced. They allowed us to split everything so we could taste a variety of foods. We had a green salad to start, followed by a cheese, meat, fig, date and cranberry platter. Our main course was duck and filet mignon. Oh. Em. Gee.

Ridiculously amazing!!!! For dessert I got a creme brûlée. Lindsay got sorbet. Insanely amazing. The flavors for the creme brûlée were chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch.


We left with full bellies, full hearts and rested minds! Ready to take on motherhood once again! We had planned to see a movie after dinner, but by 8 pm I was toast!! I spent Mother’s Day with my beautiful family and it was such a restful day. Thankful to my husband who always finds a way to put me first!! ??

We walked to church yesterday which was super fun! Afterwards we ate at jacks and took turns napping for the afternoon! Perfection!!!


I fully recommend a day away as a mom. Especially with little ones. Our lives can be fully exhausting!! Get passed the guilt and realize you deserve it!!! Much love…

Ruthie xoxo



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