There are so many things in this life that I will never ever understand. Things my human mind can’t comprehend and all I can formulate is“Why.” Cancer is one of those things I just don’t get. I want to kill it. It makes me angry. It causes all kinds of emotions to rise up within me every time I hear it’s name. Every story, every life, every family it affects that I hear of, rips me apart.
My first experience with cancer was with my Grandmother. She had pancreatic cancer that had metastasized. She fought hard, thankfully didn’t suffer long, but she did not win that battle. I remember being 18 years old and having to fly to Jamaica to bury her. The woman that taught me how to spell my name and fought for our lives in prayer, was all of a sudden gone. Just like that.

Most recently, a friend of ours discovered that she had breast cancer. A wife, mother of 3, young and vibrant… bam, gets hit with this news and we watched them as they had to pick up the pieces and figure out how they were going to get to the other side of this mountain. All glory to God; today she stands cancer free.

We all know someone, are that someone, or will in the future be faced with someone that is fighting a form of cancer.

This beautiful, snap up cotton number, in black, is called the “Kristina” and was named after the show room manager over at Evy’s Tree.  Kristina was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer at the age of 26. She fought strong and hard and was able to pull through. Although the chances of having a successful pregnancy are as low as 20% while on chemo she was able to conceive and have a baby girl. The heart behind this piece was to offer hope! Kristina’s words to anyone battling cancer or a major health issue is “What’s meant to be will be, embrace your journey with grace.” I was extremely honored to receive this piece and have the privilege of styling it. I call this my strong, yet feminine “FIGHT” look.

Kristina” was just released TODAY!! Be sure to grab one, if you need a reminder of hope, need to keep fighting or know someone who does. We all have a story. Please feel free to leave comments and share your story with me. I know that I don’t have the answers but I sure know how to fight in prayer! Thanks for stopping by the blog today!   Be hope to someone today or keep on fighting ❤️

Lots of Love,

Ruthie xo


Hat: Target

Necklace: H&M

Top: Evy’s Tree

Clutch: Marshall’s

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Rings: H&M

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    I’m so sorry about your friend!!! Unfortunately their is so many things in life we can’t change. Let’s hope and have faith in God.
    About your outfit , i love it all!! You always look amazing.
    Xox, Raysa

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      Thank you doll. I completely agree!!! ?

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    Beautiful message! I just styled a top that supports breast cancer awareness, you can see it here:

    Not only is the look you styled here a great look but it also has meaning, I love it!

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      Thanks so much!!!! Loved your post!!! ?

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