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This is Phi! She is a lifesaver and I would be lost with out her brilliance!! XO
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The pretties soaps I ever did see!!
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But, how pretty is my squad though?!!?
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Just a glimpse into the morning! We had a few rushes of people and it was so much fun!!
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Just some goodies for sale!
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Tea for DAYSSS
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Gotta get that selfie right!
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fashion-blogger-closet-sale-teaoxics-re-cap- Ruthie

This past weekend we hosted our very first Fashion Blogger Closet Sale at a local tea shop here in town! Tea Xotics recently opened and I love visiting! A few months ago my parents were in town visiting from CT. and this was one of the first places I took them to! The atmosphere, the company and of course the tea are second to none! One of the things that I love the most is that they sell little nick knacks like soaps, oils and plants that are not found anywhere else! The owner, Renee and I decided to partner up on a little project! Once a month she will host 4-5 fashion bloggers as we sell clothing and have an opportunity to connect with people within the community all while drinking delicious tea!  This first event went very well! People came in and out of the shop, grabbed a tea and left with a few new items for their closet! It was truly a success and such a fun time for us bloggers to hang out, connect and meet some people from social media in real life! I am happy to announce that our next Fashion Blogger Closet Sale will be January 28th! Location will be the same: 4356 Town Center Dr. El dorado Hills CA.  Hope to see some of you locals there!! Happy Monday everyone, and have a fabulous week!!

Much love,

Ruthie XO

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    Britt | Southern Mama Guide

    well isn’t this just the best idea! and it looks so fun! You are just the cutest!

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    Jaime Cittadino

    This is the cutest little place!!! I’m so sad I live so far away!!! Wish I could join you at these events! xoxo

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    Jessica Weinberg (@whatsfordinesq)

    This is such a great idea and that shop is super cute!
    xo Jessica

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    This sounds like so much fun! Such a great way to build a business as well as a community.

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    Vanessa Renae

    What an AMAZING concept! We need to have one of these around my city for sure!

    Vanessa |

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    This is such a BRILLIANT idea!!! I wish I lived closer to some other gals to partner up for an event like this. I even have at the perfect local business in mind to host it. Such a great idea!!!


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    Tiffany Brown

    Wow! Such a great idea! The shop is too cute and your squad is goals! Lol! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    This sounds like such a fun event and you look beautiful Ruthie. I love your tunic and boots! This is such a cool idea to bring bloggers together and at the same time promote a local business. I love it! Xoxo

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    So sad I couldn’t make it! I’m glad everything went well. I want to try and make it to the next one! Love that you ladies had the event in a local shop. Let’s find a time to get together soon– I miss your face!!

    Meaghan xx

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    This looks like such a good time! You ladies are fabulous.

    Zoe |

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    this is such a good idea! i want to do this with my clothes!

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    Everything about this looks so warm and inviting! I love it 🙂

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    This is the best idea ever!! We are thinking of doing a closet sale here in Charlotte and I can’t wait!


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    this shop looks like a dream come true!

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    This is such a great idea for an event! I would love to get rid of some of my clothes that I don’t wear much anymore!


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    Heather with WELLFITandFED

    BRILLIANT! What a great idea. This makes my brain work thinking of what a fitness blogger could do that is like this. Great work!

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    Oh my gosh it sounds like it was so fun! Wish I could have gone!

    xo, Hales |

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    The place looks so pretty and a closet sale is a really great idea. Best way to get rid of clothes that don’t get enough wear and yes your squad is pretty.

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    Gosh, you are on it girl! I’m so impressed and inspired that you made a whole post about this! I’m such a slacker haha!! These photos are so gorg, btw! Please tell your bro for me! Love this post, can’t wait for the next event! Was so much fun!


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    Kachet – The Lipstick Giraffe

    Sounds SO SO fun. I can’t wait for the next event so I can meet some awesome people, too! 😀


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    Amanda Kruse

    This is so fun! I have been seeing a lot of closet sales going on lately 🙂

    Amanda ||

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    What a fun event! I love that hat on you!


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    That is such a great idea! I know some bloggers in Houston who are doing the same thing. Glad ya’ll had such a successful event!

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    This is SUCH a great idea! And seriously how fun. Wish I lived closer so I could’ve snagged some of y’alls adorable wardrobe!


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    This looks so cute and inviting! Planning a closet sale for the holidays too so this is inspiring!

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    I love this idea! I may need to do this. Thanks for sharing!

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    You girls all look so amazing <3

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    this looks like such a fun time! love all the clothes!

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    What a brilliant idea!! I just love this!!! I want to organize one here in DC!
    xo, Shell

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    Such a great event idea! The tea shop looks so cute too!

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    Erica Gwynn

    OMG how cute is this?!?! I lovelovelove! Looks so cute!

    Coming Up Roses

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    How awesome is this, we should have this here in Arizona!

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    That looks like so much fun!!

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    Kait Elizabeth

    Ruthie you look amazing and I love this idea! Hugs, Kait

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