Everything in my makeup bag

Beauty has never been one of those things that came natural to me! I never was taught, to be honest! My mom was that gorgeous woman that only required a splash of foundation and a little red lipstick! She was/ is flawless! I remember being in middle school, I started shaving my eyebrows and penciling them in with a black pencil, followed by a little black eyeliner on the upper and lower lids! LOL…. moving on to high school, stepping away from the black eyeliner and doing loads of white eyeliner instead… cute! Somewhere along the line I was introduced to Sephora and MAC which brings me to today. 
 It is national beauty month so I wanted to share a little about what is in my make up bag! I keep it just as simple now as a I did then!! Here’s what I got:

 1) Lancome 24 hour wear foundation

2) MAC Studio fix powder

3) NYX full coverage concealer

4) NYX Brown brow pencil

5) Anastasia of beverly hills dip brow

6) Urban Decay Half Baked eye shadow

7) Maybelline “one by one volume express”

8) 3 lipsticks: “Infrared” by Smashbox, “Diva” by MAC, “Black Magic” By Dolce and Gabbana

9) Viva La Juicy perfume

10) Blush ” Gleeful” by MAC

 That is it! Nothing more, nothing less! Simple simple! I am all about quick and easy with my makeup routine! What’s in your makeup bag?! 

My non negotiables a right here:

“Infrared” by Smashbox, MAC studio fix powder, Lancôme 24 hour wear, NYX concealer, Anastasia of Beverly Hills dip brow  
Sunday makeup right before leading worship 🙂


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    You have a flawless skin beautiful!! I love makeup. Thanks for sharing! Loved it as usual! Happy weekend. Xox

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      Thanks for reading my dear!!! You’re the best!!

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        You’re welcome!! Xo

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    love the glittery bag! come check out my blog http://www.poshandspicy.co xx

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    Your skin is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I’d love to know what you use for skincare, too! MAC’s Diva is one of my favorites, too! 🙂

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      Thank you Kristin!!! I use very little actually. But I love my arbonne skin products!!

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