{ Denim X Denim with a little Faux Fur }

2 years ago this July we moved to California to be where we’ve dreamed of being for years. Our dream finally became our reality. We took a leap of faith and followed our hearts. Although so sweet to feel at home for the very first time, there are a few people I wish I could’ve taken along with us. Bits of my heart remain in CT and a big part of that is my parents.

These pics were taken the last day of my parents 10 day visit! I took them out to breakfast with the kids for one last hurrah and a few hours later they flew home. All of thisĀ to say, I look forward to when we can all be in the same state again, but for now I’m super thankful for skype, facetime and the ability to get on a plane!!

On a lighter note, what about this denim?!?! I love denim. It’s timeless and so statement worthy. I love mixing denims and find that it’s smart to hold on to denim pieces because in ten years or so that wash of jean will certainly be back!!

Until next time,

Ruthie xoxo

Denim with a little Faux Fur: three kiddies

Denim with a little Faux Fur: Girls

Denim with a little Faux Fur: silly kids

Denim with a little Faux Fur: Ruthie

Denim with a little Faux Fur: Kisses

What Ava is wearing:
Jacket: Target
Jeans: Levi’s (Marshall’s)
Shoes: Converse (Converse outlet)

What Sav is wearing:
Everything is Target šŸ™‚

What Judah is wearing:
Beanie: H&M ( it’s Ben’s, so men’s section)
Jacket/shirt/pants: Target
Shoes: Old Navy

What Ruthie is wearing:
Faux Fur: Clearance at Marshall’s
Top/jeans/shades/shoes(Mossimo): Target
Bag: Coach outlet
Necklace: Forever 21


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    Love Judah’s outfit…I’m a fan of the layered look. Overall all rocked your looks as usual…love it!!!

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      Rhoda!!! You are sooo sweet!! Thank you honey!! We try!!! Lol xo

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    Jalyssa Richardson

    This is way too cute! Glad Im not the only mama who matches with their son! Love it!

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      I can’t help myself!!! For as long as they’ll allow this is happening!!! ?

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