Cozy Sweaters For Fall

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Sweater weather is upon us and nothing makes me happier than a cozy, stylish sweater! Well, I mean, a lot makes me happy, but you get the idea! I have rounded up a few of my favorites! All under 50.00, some under 40.00! These two are my favorite here and here.  Which ones do you see yourself wearing?!

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    Amazing! Loving every single item! Great post!

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    Gorgeous as always. I love your style.

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    Jenna Urben

    I love oversized sweaters!!

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    Very few things scream cozy than a big oversized sweater thats warm and cuddle soft but also stylsh with sleeve and collar details. i love the thought, makes winter that more inviting.

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    Ashley Stephenson

    I love your picks! I love a good comfy sweater

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    Valerie Hansen

    I love all your picks..especially all those two burgundy sweaters..amazing!

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    So many cute sweaters here! I love them all.

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    Marlynn | UrbanBlissLife

    Ooh, they all look so comfy! Sweaters are a must for the fall!

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    I love your style. Sweaters are my FAVORITE this time of year.

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    Nicole @ Work|Wear|Wander

    This post is giving me serious cold-weather envy. It’s still 70+ in AZ! I might just rock these anyway though 😉 Great round up!

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    Denay DeGuzman

    Just this past weekend I was looking through my closet and realized i am in desperate need of more comfy cozy sweaters. I love all the styles you’ve picked here.

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    Sara Nichols

    I need all of these sweaters! Especially #2! What slider plugin do you use?

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    Logan Can

    I love that first ruffle sleeve sweater! Chenille is my love language this year!

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    anne – onedeterminedlife

    I love cozy sweaters! I live in Canada so I am always on the hunt for a good winter sweater.

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    Cozy oversized sweaters are my jam!! Love love love all of these!

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    Lauren Sheriff

    Umm #1, 5 and 6 please!!!


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    Number 6 is my favorite, that neckline is super unique! xo, Brittany |

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