Growing up it was engrained in our beings to only look at the clearance aisles when shopping for clothes. I was that girl in middle school that wanted a new top every week! We were always taught to look for deals and to shop smart! At the age of 12 I got a paper route and at that time I started buying my own clothes. I made between 20-25.00 a week so I had to make that cash go far!

Over the years however, I have learned the value of quality. It is important to yes, get things at a decent price, but more important that you aren’t wasting your money on things that are going to end up in the trash after one use. Don’t get me wrong, there are those occasions where you buy an outfit for just a onetime wear, and how long it lasts doesn’t matter, just as long as it is super cute! (At least that is how I think)!

Having said all of that, I have resorted to a life style of mainly thrifting and consigning for myself. I actually thrift a lot more than I consign. I have been fortunate to live near the most amazing consignment store that I have come in contact with in my life… There are very few times that I leave empty handed. What I think I love the most is that the majority of the items I find there are quality and name brand. I usually get tops from between 5-7.00. Shoes, I spend no more than 16.00 and they are all name brand as well. Another great place to consign and thrift is The place is HUGE. I know that on the East Coast, Cross Roads is in New York and another east coast buy & sell that may sound familiar is When you consign you can either get store credit (which is more) or they will give you cash for your items.

This weekend I decided I was tired of a few things of my own and took them in to Free Style Clothing. I brought in some shoes, bags and sweaters. My store credit was 77.00 and I got these three coats with that money, as well as a few tops. MAJOR win! I was in desperate need of a winter coat and had been dying for a coat/ sweater in this pastel color pictured below. I am still swooning over these finds! I like clothes and shoes too much to pay top dollar, especially because I get tired of things fairly quickly! Hand-me-downs, thrifting and consignment all sound fabulous to me! What are some of your favorite thrift & and consignment shops?

Jones New York: ( consignment price 20.00)




Isaac Mizrahi ( Consignment price: 7.00)




Charlotte Russe (consignment price: 11.00)





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    Such a great find with that pastel coat. I love the wide lapel and beautiful colour! (Also, I read your other posts and your kids are adorable and probably the most fashionable ever. I’m jealous for my childhood self.)

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    Great buys! I love all of them!

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      Thank you so mych!!

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