“From the shape of our cells to the swirl of our fingerprints, each human is profoundly, almost incomprehensibly unique. In all the eons of time, amongst trillions of human eggs that have been fertilized and hatched…there is only one you: microscopically remarkable, positively unrepeatable, original, and…beyond compare.”  -Danielle Laporte

5 things Comparison will do to you:

  • Kill your creativity
  • Paralyze you
  • Discourage you
  • Cause Envy, covetousness and jealousy
  • Leaves you feeling defeated and does not help you achieve your goals

Basically, there is no good fruit that comes out of comparing ourselves to others.  We all do it.  I am certainly guilty of comparing myself to others on a daily basis.  What has helped me stop in the past is focusing on the things that I am.  Looking at my strengths and all the things that I have to offer this world.  The bottom line is that we are all awesome in some way.  Looking to the left and the right in comparison only keeps us in one place, stuck and unable to move forward in our own lane and destinies.

“Whatever you do, whatever work you decide to put out in the world, and whatever way your journey unfolds will be TOTALLY different to the ones you’ve been comparing yourself to.” – Natalie Edwards WE ARE AMAZING!!! Keep on doing your thing!!


On to this incredible jumpsuit by How Gorgeous Shop.  Ever since I received this jumpsuit in the mail, Ben has asked me to wear it on every date night! This jumpsuit is SO flattering, comfortable, on trend and amazing quality! I can’t stop wearing this piece!! Check out more fro the How Gorgeous Shop here.

As always, thank you for stopping by the blog!!

Much love,

Ruthie xo

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comparison-is-deadly- ruthie ridley blog fashioncomparison-is-deadly- daniel wellington


Jumpsuit: How Gorgeous Shop

Shoes: ASOS

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Clutch: Gifted

All photos By Sarah Schweyer Photography

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    Such a great post! I struggle with comparison all of the time… It’s a work in progress!

    xo Kelsey | http://www.chasingcinderellablog.com

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    This is beautiful Ruthie!! I wrote about comparison last week and it is absolutely the thief of joy! Thank you for the encouragement this morning 🙂

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    Jessica Weinberg (@whatsfordinesq)

    This is so true! I try never to compare myself to anyone. It can be hard though! Love that jumpsuit!
    xo Jessica

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    Love this entire look! So gorgeous. Also, a very great message.

    xoxo, Jenny

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    Nicole Leffew

    Love that jumpsuit! And so so true! I find myself always saying their pictures are so much better than mine! But what good does that do? Nothing! I need to work on this! Xo

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    Nataly Schma

    I struggle with this all the time. It is hard to stay focused on yourself and not looking a what everyone else is doing. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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    Kait Elizabeth

    You always post things just as I need to hear them. Thank you for writing this

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    Channing C

    I 100% feel that trying to compare yourself to others will rob you of joy! I’m guilty of it sometimes but when I find myself sinking back into those ways, I just have to remind myself that my journey and someone else’s journey cannot and should not be the same because we all have a path we have to take and we each get there at different times in life. Nothing wrong with that!

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    This is the second post I read today about comparison. Low like it’s becoming the theme of the day. You look so beautiful Ruthie. This jumpsuit looks wonderful on you. I really loved this post. Xoxo

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    You look gorgeous as always! I love the jumpsuit and the heels, too! You style the best outfits. I love the quote “I’m not beautiful like you. I’m beautiful like me.” All the clapping hands on that one!

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    So true! I love your quotes, as well. Rocking that jumpsuit!

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    Such a great, inspiring post. I definitely needed to read this today (ps- that jumpsuit looks fab on you!)

    XO, Kim


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    Yari Hernandez

    Great words, and that jumpsuit is perfection.

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    “I’m not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me” AMEN!!! Such a great line and amazing inspiration to be ME!! The world we live in with social media has made it even harder to not compare…it’s an everyday struggle a bit. But like you said, focus on your strengths and unique qualities and embrace them!! I adore that jumpsuit too, love the chambray look and it’s paired perfectly with the bright shoes!!


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    Great post. Comparison is the worst. It just takes away your individuality!

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    Logan Can

    I could not agree more. I love this dress! So gorgeous!

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    Heather Johnson

    Oh Em GEE! I LOVEEE this post! So true and that image that says ” I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me” is perfect! It is so so easy to compare – especially in today’s world. I adore this reminder and I just want to say that you are one of the most positive and encouraging beauties I have ever come to know, and I insist that someday we must meet in person! <3 😉 Thank you for this post and a beautiful incredible reminder… of the truth.

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    Kindly Unspoken

    Love this post! Comparison does nothing but create self doubt, which is so detrimental! You look beautiful!

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    Thanks so much for this post, Ruthie!! I definitely needed to hear that today! <3 Also, that jumpsuit is amazing!!! & your shoe game is always so on point! Love it all!

    Abby xx

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    Love this jumpsuit and these shoes! And this post is so on point, comparison is monster!

    Greta | http://www.gretaholla.com

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    Beautifully written! And so very true!!!!!

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    Aspen Renée

    Certainly enjoyed this! It’s so hard sometimes to stop comparing to others when things look so good from the outside! Thanks for this beautiful reminder! xo Aspen Renée

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    Great look

    New collection

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    Great post, this is so true! Love your jumpsuit with the pop of red!

    xO – Steph


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    The jumpsuit looks so comfortable! Loved this post. Comparison really can do ALL of those things- and it’s all to prevalent in the blogging community. Little reminders like this help!

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    Amanda Kruse

    Great post! This is something we all struggle with unfortunately. You styled this jumpsuit perfectly! I love those lace up heels!

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    First of all, you are one hot momma!! Love this jumpsuit and those shoes ❤️ Secondly, your words are so true.. Comparison is deadly. Embracing ourselves, flaws and all, is key to kill off comparison. Love you and your big heart!! You are beautiful.


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    Looking gorgeous as always! You are totally rocking that jumpsuit!! Thanks for sharing this about comparison, it’s so easy to fall into the trap as a blogger but focusing on your strengths is definitely helpful ❤️

    xoxo, CiCi

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    January Hart

    Fantastic post, lady!! I think all of us ladies need this reminder often…it’s so easy to fall back into not feeling “up to par” with others. Keep sharing these positive messages!! xo

    Have a great weekend, sweet lady!!

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    Great message. I have to remind myself of this daily.

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