Coffee Obsessed: Featuring Jessica N Designs 

Is anyone obsessed with coffee as much as I am?! I mean, coffee is a very bright point in my day.  It just is. I don’t think I would be as happy of a person if coffee didn’t exist and that is no exaggeration! I am a 2-3 cup a day minimum type of gal! I started working at Dunkin Donuts about 17 years ago and have been a coffee addict ever since (I don’t currently work there!!) Ava, my oldest always asks for a sip of my coffee and says things like, “I just need a little to wake up!”  Startin em young lol. Any whooo, I also believe that the mug that I drink out of is fully half of my caffeine experience.

How cute is the mug below?! “Drink coffee, make pretty things.” YES to that!! Jessica makes the cutest trinkets that I have ever seen!! From her adorable coffee mugs to her sweet vintage spoons I am literally obsessed.  When I saw her collection I felt like she was speaking my language.  I have to brag on her for a minute.  She started her business as a hobby 4 years ago and has since made it into a full time job! Can we talk about MEGA GOALS! lol… How we would all love to do what we love for a living!! She is proof that it can happen!! She has been in a few highly esteemed magazines such as ELLE, Southern Weddings and Lauren Conrad just to name a few! She specializes in wedding keep sakes and things.  Long story short, be sure to check. her. out.  So tell me, do you drink coffee?! If so how do you like it?!  For me, if it’s starbucks and I am behaving, it is a coconut milk latte with 2 pumps of sugar free caramel! Having said that, I think it’s about time for my second cup!! Wishing you all a wonderful week!!

Much love,

Ruthie xo
coffee-trinkets Jessica N designs
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    Not a huge coffee fan but I do looooove her stuff and I think it’s totally awesome that she struck out on her own and is making it happen!!!!


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    Wow, I love her stuff. I’m an occasional coffee drinker myself but who cares, the mugs are awesome. Love the photos too! Xoxo

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    Cori from the Show Your Blog Love group

    Love it! So cute! I love a good cup of coffee as well. Love the smell! Love enjoying it in a cute mug!

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    Candy Kage

    Great looking mugs and utensils would make great gifts.

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    Love all of these things and the fun fact about your Dunkin Donut days!! I usually only have 1 cup a day but I still hoard cute coffee mugs like it’s going out of style LOL

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    Susana Sampaio

    As a coffee big fan i would love to have one of those at home 😀
    Great post 🙂

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    I’m a HUGE coffee fan. Love it!

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    Krista Williams

    No coffee no workee makes me LOL.

    I love that you linked Lauren, she is classy, friendly and has the best eye. I love her stuff! Like yours 🙂

    happy monday, love.

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    Aww!! I love the mug and the spoon. So unique!!


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    Kait Elizabeth

    So adorable!!! I love cutesy coffee mugs. Happy Monday babe! Hugs, Kait

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    Although I think it’s the prettiest to take pictures of, I’m not a “real” coffee fan (unless you count Starbucks frapps and chai tea!) But, these mugs are absolutely adorable and make for the cutest pics!!

    xoxo, CiCi

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    Morgan England

    I am loving this amazing blog post Ruthie! You are so creative girl. The coffee trinkets are adorable! Love them all!

    XOXO Morgan

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    I’m obsessed with that spoon! Thanks for sharing!

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    oh I can’t drink coffee, caffeine keeps me awake so tea it is for me. But I seriously love that mug and spoon! I feel like I am missing out on the coffee themed items!

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    Congrats Jessica on girl bossing it! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing Ruthie!

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    Omg that spoon is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! I need it!!!!!

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      Thank you!!

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    I am in love with coffee and those spoons are just to die for! Thank you so much for sharing these great finds! I will be checking out the rest of her stuff very soon 🙂

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    I’m in love with all of those dishes and spoons xoxo the spoon is the cutest I have ever seen!!

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    Taylor Aube

    You have the cutest daintiest little treasures. I love this post and that little spoon!

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    Home by Jenn

    Love, love, love the mug! It is so cute!! Yes, I too am a coffee addict. That is one thing that I probably will never give up. Well at least I hope I will never give it up! Thanks for sharing.

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      Thank you so much! We are addicted to coffee as well! 😉

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    Janna Doan

    ruthie–umm.. yasss.. coffee is a MUST in the AM, and jessica does such a great job with her designs and customization, i have purchased some of her spoons in the past for my family and they love em! nothing like a more customized spoon and trinkets to show off your bad self eh?! xoxo,

    janna |

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    I literally need the mug and spoon! So adorable. and I tried to quit coffee but I just couldn’t. Safe to say I’m in LOVEEEE.

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    Love this post!! Coffee is an essential part of my day and, like you, the mug I drink out of is important to me as well. ~Anna

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    Oh, I absolutely love coffee but I don’t drink it very often. Mostly because it’s last on my list in the morning and I never get to it. That mug and that spoon are ADORABLE.

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    Heather Johnson

    Ruthie!!! This post is SOOO beautiful my gorgeous friend! Not only can I related to you in all things coffee, lol, these designs are beyond perfect. I love how you captured them!
    Lovely post!

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    Bri DePauw (@ATGlittered)

    I want that mug and that spoon!!! Great shots!!

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    I’m a HUGE coffee fan. Love everything about this post.
    Thanks for sharing beauty.
    Xox, Raysa

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    Nicole C L

    I think that if I worked from home, I’d drink coffee all day long. The only thing that stops me is that we don’t have any free coffee at work.

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    Such a cute mug and spoon! That is so funny that your daughter asks for sips of coffee 🙂 Seriously though… That shirt “but first coffee” is sooooo true. Don’t talk to me until I’ve had some coffee! Xo

    Hales |

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    YES Coffee = life!!! Beautiful photos by the way!!


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    Ruthie!! This post is beautiful!! We are just floored by your generosity and wonderful spirit. So excited to be working with you!

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    Ha! My son (who is 2.5) would drink a whole cup of coffee with me every morning if I would let him! He loves it so much!!! Beautiful pictures and yes – Jessica is a boss babe. 😉

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    Jennifer Frick

    Can we talk about #photographygoals?! I want to buy EVERYTHING because I can’t handle all this pretty! My coffee game has definitely lessened since getting pregnant, but I still live for my one cup in the morning!! I normally just add some almond milk, but if I’m making a starbucks run – coconut milk latte ALL. THE. WAY! Thanks for introducing us to Jessica – I need to go make some purchases now! 🙂 xoxo

    Jen |

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    Summer Telban (@SummerTelban)

    Isn’t her stuff great?! Love her work.

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    Miss Angie (@MySoCalledChaos)

    I love all of this! I’m also coffee obsessed-so this fits my life! haha

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    perfect for any coffee drinker!! I especially Love the spoon. Too cute!

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    ok first of all i am THE coffee queen! no coffee no nothing! and i love love these cute mugs! your pictures are so clear and all i wonder what you use

    much love sweety

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    This Jenn Girl

    I absolutely love her pieces! And, I am most definitely a coffee lover like you! 🙂

    Jenn |

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    You know I’m a BIG coffee lover!! Her mugs are adorable. I also really love your rings in your first pic❤️❤️

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    Everything looks so pretty dear!!!!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how sassy your coffee accessories are! I always feel like a million dollars when I let my mug speak for me 😉

    xx | jordan taylor | petiteMODERN

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    Lauren of An Explorer’s Heart

    I love a great cup of coffee – it feels like such a “treat” in my day. Those mugs are super cute too 🙂


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    Thank you. My family knows I’m not a fan of nickname derivatives of &##&i0;M2chelle288221; so they tease me about them. They would rewrite the last line:Good birthday MickyMichellePS – And what are you doing up so early anyway?

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