I’ve never been to coachella, nor am I going this year, but I am totally swooning over all the fabulous festival inspired fashion Ive been seeing all over IG and in the stores! A few weeks back I saw this oversized kimono with the embroidery and the tassels at H&M in the coachella section. I didn’t think twice! I scooped it right up! I was looking for something to wear on stage for Easter Sunday. It was perfect! I feel like this piece would be perfect at coachella. Especially in the evenings when it starts to cool down! Are any of you going to the festival this year?! Have you been before?! Please do tell me in the comments below!! 

Sta Body 

Today I wanted to share about this pretty cool bodysuit I am wearing below with my coachella inspired kimono. It is two pieces sewn together (combination of a tank top and thong) and helps ensure tummy security and smoothness(Lord knows I need all the help I can get after 3 kids and 2 C-sections)!! I ordered true to size (Medium) but would recommend sizing down if you really want to keep things extra secure! This piece is perfect for layering, it can be dressed up or dressed down.  It was created by Stefanie out of the comfort of her home! She made this out of the dissatisfaction of similar garments on the market. Here’s what she said: “Regular tank tops rolled up and annoyingly untucked and didn’t provide immovable coverage. Traditional bodysuits rode up and were less than comfy.  Regardless of our shape, we all want to feel great in our clothes. My mission is to help all of us love our shape as it is, but to create a garment that also adds confidence to your wardrobe. Feel good, be completely comfortable and look fantastic!”  I love Stefanie’s heart and motivation behind this little invention! Us girls want to look good and feel good in our clothes! I love my little Sta Body Suit.  It is simliar to the idea of Spanx, except I can breathe all day! LOL! Grab yours  here! 

What are you thoughts on body suits, tanks, Spanx and the sorts?! Please do share! Happy Monday all! Thanks as always for stopping by the blog!!
Ruthie xo



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    Love the look beauty! You look amazing.
    Kisses, Raysa

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    This is seriously such a necessity and I’m glad to hear you can actually breathe in it, unlike Spanx hahah! You look great, my dear. I’m interested in the bodysuit — hope they ship to Canada.

    Gunjan | http://www.songbirdechoes.com

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    chelsea stephanie

    So interested in checking out that body suit! It sounds like a life saver! Loving the outfit, you look stunning!!!

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    Definitely need one of these, I love Spanx but can’t breathe in them either! Beautiful pics as usual, you look amazing!!

    xoxo, CiCi

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    I love that! It looks perfect for tucking into my Midi skirts, I hate when the extra fabric bunches up. Love the look. xo, Lo

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    The Sta Body suite sounds interesting. Love your look!!

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    The tassel detail is perfection!! Happy Monday love!! Xo, Roselyn

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    Leslie Soto

    i love the look. It’s so simple, elegant and classic but it has an element of fun! Perfect for a Coachella Festival! So beautiful!

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    Kristin Kruse

    Uhmmmm hello brilliant with that bodysuit, I need to get myself one ASAP! Loving this kimono & hear ya about not attending Coachella but loving the festival style! Happy Monday, love! <3


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      Kenyota Dokes

      Beautiful as always Ruthie!! Love the whole look!!

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    Love the kimono! Open it up and BAM…amazing curves! You look great Ruthie, maybe next year we can get a group together to go our first Coachella! lol!

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    I was loving everything in H&M’s Coachella section last time I went in but, this kimono was a such great pick! Love the tassels on it, and of course how you styled it!

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    Kait Elizabeth

    You look HOT lady! Love the whole look. Hugs, Kait

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    Jaime Cittadino

    I’ve never been to Coachella either (and don’t think I ever will), but love this boho festival inspired look!!!

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    Sierra goes to all those festivals and she has been getting some amazing pieces on Amazon.

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    Ok. I’m gonna need on those tanks!! ~Anna http://www.pepperedinstyle.com

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    Janna Doan

    ruthie–girllllll, H&M got this coachella thing DOWNNNN. i love that kimono on you, i have yet to own one. maybe i should try it?! also, you are totally nudging me to try the bodysuit, it has been on my list and i just need to do it!! there is this scalloped one i’ve been eyeing! thanks for … um.. making me buy more clothes!!?! also, spanx they aren’t breathable?! girl you need to tell me bc i am at that age, i need spanx! love you my soul sister xoxo,

    janna | http://www.jannadoan.com

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    Hmm, a bodysuit that lets you breathe. I use spanx now but it gets so uncomfortable sometimes. You look great by the way, loving that kimono! Xoxo

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    Tailored and true

    Love this kimono you look amazing as always! And girl, I’m always on board for some extra confidence. Love it!


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    This is so cute!! I’ve been dying to go to Coachella! My husband and I are moving out to California for a few years (military) this September so it’s on our list of things to do while we’re living there 🙂

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    I love your style!


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    Tara Williams

    I agree! I am totally into all the festival outfits. it makes me want to throw my fashion out the window and layer up random bracelets and put stickers on my face haha. this tassel top is super cute though!
    Xo, Tara

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    I am just loving all the festival looks. Also in love in this Kimono ❤️

    Felice Raina // thekissofjoy.com

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    I totally love your kimono. Kimonos are so versatile and this is an awesome Coachella themed outfit.


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    you look gorgeous and you make this look, look so effortless too!

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    Heather Johnson

    Ruthie!!!! You are simply one gorgeous babe! I LOVE the boho vibe on you – you are right – this would be a perfect festival piece!! You have really styled this look perfectly!! Boho chic, relatable, stylish, and fun! And that body suit?!? How amazing is that concept… I completely hate hate spanx, and being a shorty, body suits are often too long or end up in places they shouldn’t, lol. This is genius! Thank you for sharing, my friend, and – by the way – you look incredible, mama… never think otherwise <3!

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    That kimono is everything! Love it all.

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    Susana Sampaio

    You look amazing!!! Love the kimono and those shoes <3


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    Krista Williams

    Damn I love that bodysuit with that look, babe. It’s sleek and fits just RIGHT.
    I was also dying at all of the coachella gear, it’s always so ON POINT. I love love the boho look.
    Killing it! As usual.

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    How cute! I love it!

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    I’ve never tried a bodysuit..but am open to trying one! I probably could have been smart underneath the jacket in my latest post and not a bralette 😉 I’m totally crushing on all the coachella inspo recently too. Have a great week Ruthie!

    xoxo Kylen | Kylen Every Wear

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    This is such a cute outfit! Oh how I wish I was at Coachella this year!

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    Ruthie, you are totally ROCKING that bodysuit! I have seen this trend pop up this year and I totally want to try it!

    xo, Hales | http://www.sincerelyhales.com

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