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Dawn is a beautiful mom of 5 based out of Redding California. She is an artist, a musician and the vision behind Yellow Reformation. Her relentless passion and creativity inspire me daily. Read on below to hear more about a movement that I connect deeply with and consider myself to be apart of.
“In 2001, I started dreaming about being a part of a creative movement, an artisan-type guild, where each one’s gift sharpened and expanded the others gift, creating together as a community, with the intention of affecting change in their individual spheres of influence. For many years I have simply pined for it, and finally I am learning that sometimes you have to begin to offer the water you are thirsty for instead of waiting for someone to bring it to you. And so, the dream of Yellow Reformation began..
Yellow Reformation is about connecting with an Other-Than God, connecting to His glory, His goodness, His light, and to create something with Him; and in turn, release it into the atmosphere. So, Yellow reminds me of light, and of the glory with which we are made to connect. 
Essentially, we are made to be light-bearers. Light itself carries the full spectrum of color, and color simply happens when light hits any object in it’s path. Light, in essence, releases color. We all have a specific color that we are made to offer the world in which we live. We are salt. We are light. We have the privilege of offering flavor and color to the world around us, and to affect the atmosphere with it.
I dream of being a part of a movement of people, a creative community, a family of artisans who are passionate about letting the light in and releasing the color that happens as they do. And so I bring to you the potential of a Yellow Reformation. So, whether you join us by investing in our products and using them to shift atmospheres, or you invest your heart and hands into our evolving local community, consider yourself cordially invited to join Yellow Reformation and imagine with us what it could look like to change culture with color…” – DAWN
These words resonate so loudly with my soul. I am so thankful for people and movements like these, that are all about being the light, spreading the light and causing change all around us. Read more about yellow reformation and shop her beautiful creations here.

Yellow Reformation

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    Beautiful!! I will def check it out. Xo

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