I started blogging in January of this year. One thing I noticed immediately is that blogging can be extremely lonely, especially for Fashion bloggers. It is an introspective space. It is also a very saturated market where competition can be fierce and a strong focus. I decided early on that I wanted to connect with other bloggers and find a way to support one another as we strive for success in our creative outlets. Along the way I have done a few things to increase blogger comradery and unity within the blogger community. I have teamed up with fellow blogger Paige and RIRE boutique to share on this topic.

Here are a few things that I have done over the year that have been fun and beneficial in networking with other bloggers!

  • Guest Blog for another blogger: This year I have had the privilege of guest blogging for 4 other bloggers (Katie Torwalt, Lauren McBride, Angelle Marixx & Onyi Moss) and it was SO much fun. In some cases they guest blogged for me. In the process I learned more about them and from them, developed lasting relationships and enlarged my sphere of influence. Our posts were focused generally on interviews, relatable topics, same outfit’s styled similar ways etc. Guest blogging is an awesome way to network and get exposed to a different circle of followers.
  • Join a Blogging Community: From day one, I yearned to be a part of a blogging community. I think it is in the heart of everyone to be connected. Everyone desires to be connected with people that are passionate about the same things that they are. I remember asking a few bloggers from time to time if they were a part of any communities. Whether it was timing or demographic, none of them seemed to click. I just recently have become a part of a community of bloggers that I feel is more like a tribe of women that support one another and love each other hard. Style Collective was formed by my NH blogger friend, Annie. Recently Annie and I have come together to take Style Collective to the next level. We currently have over 100 girls in our FB group and 700 followers on our little Instagram. Our main focus has been community and loop giveaways. It has been a blast! Moving forward we will become a space not only for community but for resources, tools and templates for new bloggers. Very exciting!! Our official site launch is mid-December! Stay tuned! Having said all that, this community has brought so much strength and life to all of us involved. We have a place to share, grow and learn from one another. I think Blogging communities are a MUST!

“Networking with other bloggers is an amazingly powerful way to grow your blog. In fact, when I started out blogging I emailed about 10 great bloggers and asked for their #1 tip for good blogging and almost all of them said this. Get to know other bloggers, support each other, work together, learn from each other and share each other’s stuff.” Founder of ‘Crazy little projects’

•  Plan a Blogger Meet-up: This one I have yet to do, but it is my goal for this coming year! I know 6 or 7 local bloggers that I would love to get together for a New Year’s Brunch! I am planning this meet-up now! I will let you all know how it goes!   Some of my IG friends did a Chi-town (Chicago) meet-up in the summer. I think it was nearly 30 + women that flew in to Chicago that were all Instagram friends!! How cool is that?!?!

Paige and I had a really cool opportunity with RIRE boutique. I have worked with them in the past and it is always the most pleasant experience. Josie, shop owner, has 2 locations Davis and Midtown. Paige and I were invited to come in to the Midtown location and get our shop on!! Pictured below, Paige and I are wearing all RIRE with the exception of our shoes and Paige’s bag. RIRE works with local shops and vendors and always carries beautiful, timeless pieces. Paige and I had to 2 hours of Fashion Heaven!! The following day we got dressed up, grabbed coffees and had a fun photo shoot downtown, Folsom. Such a fun, memorable experience. Check out Paige’s blog here to hear more about networking and blogger comradery. Thank you all for stopping by the blog! Lot’s of love,


Ruthie xo

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    I am so excited about the SC!! And I love these photos of you. Red is your color girl!!
    xo Annie

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      Thank you my sweet friend!!!!!

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    Lovely ladies! Both look incredible. Xo

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