Hi! My name is Ruthie (actually it is Ruth-Ann, but I go by Ruthie). Before I tell you about this blog, let me start with a little about my life! I have three beautiful children that I adore and still cannot believe are mine. Ava is 6, Savannah is 5 and Judah nearly 4. Ben is my amazing husband that was literally handpicked. Just. For Me. He is my gentle, loving giant. I am blessed and super thankful. I have a coffee addiction (daily three cup minimum) and a love for shopping & styling! Most importantly, my faith.  I live for a God with grace that is infinitely wide and a love that I will probably never fully comprehend. This is something I am certain will take me all of eternity to even begin to understand! Jesus is my everything.  I have a deep value for people and community.  I believe that together is better.  You will find throughout my blog that I feature, collaborate and work closely with other bloggers regularly.  Support for one another is at the top of my list.

All in all, I  would consider myself very passionate person. I dream, I work, and I try to live life to the absolute fullest.This little blog right here is one of those dreams. Just another piece of me and a place to express myself in ways that only this type of platform allows. With open arms, I invite you to come and hang out with me and my little family! Hoping that you can grab gems of inspiration, joy and hope. You are most welcome and I am so glad you have stopped by!

Much Love,