Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Last Chance + Stocked!!




Hi ladies!!! I have rounded up some last chance Anniversary Sale picks before the prices go back up tomorrow! I didn’t do a ton around the sale this year because I was honestly overwhelmed!! I did however buy some key items and I wanted to share some goodies of what is left in stock and at great prices!! Again, tomorrow, all items go back up to full price!! Take advantage of this awesome sale!! Be sure to tell me below if you end up getting anything!! Happy Sunday and have an amazing week!!


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    Debbie Savage

    Mark, my words! We will go shopping together one day! I love love love everything I see! Our tastes are very similar! Love ya! Happy Sunday!
    xo Debbie |

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    Anna English

    So many great options still available!

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    Maggie a la Mode

    Ooh that suede jacket is gorgeous!!

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    The Nordstrom Sale is sooo good!
    I want it all!


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    Taylor Ann

    Love how many great finds are still available!

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    Melissa Damon-Moore

    I’m loving all of those jackets! Perfect for fall!

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    loving my all your last chance items!!

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    Adiel of Rose Gold Lining

    Love your picks! So glad I scooped up some goodies before the prices went up!

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